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Marathi film Chaurya release date postponed due to Maharashtra Floods

chaurya official trailer released

When a good amount of portion in Maharashtra is getting affected by floods, many people from different section of society have come forward to show their solidarity.  Filmmakers are no exception as they are seen coming out to showcase their support for the people affected by the floods. Considering the miserable conditions, the makers of Chaurya have decided to reschedule the release date of the said movie.  This is indeed a touchy gesture there from the makers of the movie, which should be applauded the best.

The regions like Pune, Satara, Raigad, Kolhapur and Nasik being affected the most, more and more areas close these regions are affecting. The floods in the river Savitri had given bridge collapse have called upon the armed forces to take care of the situation. The director of the film has expressed his dismay towards the pathetic conditions being created the most due to the heavy rains. He informed that he and his team has decided to postpone the movie release as they find it socially responsible to help and support the affected people and doesn’t really want to release it when things are really bad in the state.

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