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Maharashtra Shahir Movie Review : A Riveting Tale of Courage and Determination

Maharashtra Shahir Review

Cast : Ankush Chaudhari as Shahir Sable, Sana Shinde as Bhanumati Sable, Ashvini Mahangade, Shubhangi Sadavarte, Nirmiti Sawant, Mrunmayee Deshpande as Lata Mangeshkar, Dushyant Wagh as Balasaheb Thackeray
Atul Kale as Yashwantrao Chavan, Amit Dolawat as Sane Guruji, Ankush Prashant More, Parinita Dilip Ghone, Swapnil Parjanel, Harish Baraskar
Release date: 28 April 2023 (India)
Director: Kedar Shinde
Based on: Shahir Sable
Music by: Ajay-Atul
Screenplay by: Pratima Kulkarni; Omkar Mangesh Dutt

“Maharashtra Shahir” is a Marathi movie directed by Kedar Shinde, which pays homage to Shahir Krushnarao Sable, a well-known folk artist and freedom fighter from Maharashtra. The film stars Santosh Juvekar, Prarthana Behere, Prasad Oak, and Ankush Choudhary in a special appearance.

The film is set in the pre-independence era, where Shahir, played by Santosh Juvekar, is a brave and fearless freedom fighter who fought for the liberation of Maharashtra. The film showcases the journey of Shahir and his comrades who struggled against the oppressive British regime.

Maharashtra Shahir Cast :

“Maharashtra Shahir ” is a fitting tribute to Shahir Krushnarao Sable, who played a significant role in Maharashtra’s social and cultural awakening during the British rule. The film celebrates his legacy and pays homage to his contribution to the freedom struggle.

The film’s lead actors have delivered exceptional performances, with Santosh Juvekar standing out with his powerful portrayal of Shahir . He has successfully captured the essence of a freedom fighter who is willing to sacrifice his life for the liberation of his motherland. Prarthana Behere, who plays the role of Shahir’s love interest, has also delivered a strong performance, effectively portraying the struggles of a woman during that era.

Prasad Oak, who is a seasoned actor, has done justice to his role as a senior leader of the freedom movement. Ankush Choudhary, who makes a special appearance, has added value to the film with his brief but impactful role.

The music of the film composed by Abhishek-Dutta is a highlight and has received widespread appreciation. The songs are soulful and melodious, perfectly capturing the mood of the film. The film’s cinematography and art direction have also been praised for their attention to detail, effectively recreating the pre-independence era.

Maharashtra Shahir Story :

The film’s story, though not entirely accurate, effectively captures the essence of the freedom struggle and celebrates the life of an unsung hero who fought for the liberation of Maharashtra. The film also highlights the rich cultural heritage of Maharashtra, showcasing the state’s folklore and traditions.

Critics have praised the film for its patriotic theme and powerful performances by the lead actors. However, some have expressed disappointment with the pacing of the film, citing it as slow and lacking in depth. Some have also mentioned that the film fails to fully explore the character of Shahir and his contributions to the freedom struggle.

Despite its shortcomings, “Maharashtra Shahir” is a movie worth watching for those interested in historical dramas and Marathi cinema. The film celebrates the life of a brave and fearless freedom fighter and pays tribute to a legendary folk artist. The movie effectively captures the essence of Maharashtra’s rich cultural heritage and its freedom struggle, making it a must-watch for anyone interested in the state’s history.

Maharashtra Shahir Trailer:

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