LEO Movie : Thalapathy Vijay’s Spectacular Debut Surpasses Expectations, Grosses ₹132.5 Cr Worldwide on Opening Day

Leo Movie Review :

Thalapathy Vijay’s highly anticipated film, “Leo-Bloody Sweet,” finally graced the silver screen on October 19, sending waves of excitement among fans. Vijay’s charismatic presence led to euphoric celebrations, with fans dancing, setting off fireworks, and organizing motorbike rallies adorned with larger-than-life Vijay posters. However, the movie’s reception has been a mixed bag, with some hailing it as a blockbuster and others expressing disappointment. The hashtag #Leodisaster trended on social media platforms, as critical viewers shared their thoughts.

In the face of this diverse audience feedback, the film managed to shatter box office records, amassing a staggering ₹132 crores worldwide on its opening day, as confirmed by the film’s official social media handle on X (formerly known as Twitter). Impressively, “Leo-Bloody Sweet” achieved an all-time high for a Day-1 Grosser in Tamil Nadu, raking in an astounding ₹43 crore.

Thalapathy Vijay’s performance and the film’s captivating storyline seem to have resonated powerfully with audiences, defying the divisive reviews. “Leo-Bloody Sweet” appears to have struck a chord with viewers, reaffirming Vijay’s superstar status and the film’s commercial prowess.

The film’s remarkable opening day box office figures not only solidify Thalapathy Vijay’s position as one of South India’s most prominent stars but also affirm that quality cinema can still conquer the hearts of audiences, irrespective of initial mixed reactions. As “Leo-Bloody Sweet” continues its theatrical run, it remains a testament to the enduring appeal of powerful storytelling and exceptional performances.

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