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LapaChhapi Marathi Movie Review


LapaChhapi Review :

Director : Vishal Furia
Studio : Wild Elephants Motion Pictures, A Midas Touch Movies
Genre :  Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Star Cast :Pooja Sawant, Usha Naik, Vikram Gaikwad and Anil Gawas
Writer : Vishal Furia
Screenplay & Dialogues : Vishal Kapoor
Rating – 1.5
Plot :
The film LapaChhapi happens to be a haunting story of a young couple who is based in the heartland of India. The wife Neha (played by Pooja Sawant) is eight months pregnant when the couple is seen taking a shelter in a house that is hidden inside a sugarcane field. However,  the fields are pitted with several secrets of the past which commences unraveling as the film further moves ahead  posing a great threat to the mother along with her unborn child. So, in a sense you can find a movie, which is a story of a mother who seems to be fighting in order to save her baby from all such dreaded spirits. It can be called as a unique blend of elements like horror and social drama that end up making the movie both thrilling as well as an emotional story which somewhere is based on some horrifying facts of our country India which is known as the land of snake charmers, ascetics and zealots.
Review :
If you look at the movie you may be confused as to which genre this film really belongs to. However, with a bit of struggle, you realise its a horror movie as it has been dealing with a struggle of a would be mother to save his unborn child from the unholy spirits that are seen around the fields where she stays. However, as you take a deeper dig, the makers of the film seems to have replicated a number of smaller horror ideas from Hollywood to make this movie. Now talking about the performances, we could see some really uninteresting and weird kind of show by both the actors in the lead role giving you really not much to catch in the film. The other elements like music, photography, screenplay and editing seems to be under par that hampers the entertainment quality to a large extent.
LapaChhapi Last Word :
The horror genre in M Town is still a new concept with barely much movies have been made in this area by the Marathi filmmakers. Hence the makers have barely no idea as to how one can attract the M Town audience with this genre. Having said that the makers can only go for an experiment, which seems to have once again failed with this film. This has certainly hampered the ratings of the film

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