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Lalbaugchi Rani Marathi movie Review

Lalbaugchi Rani Marathi movie Review
The M Town has two films released, which include Lalbaughi Rani. The film is produced by Boney Kapoor and Sunil Manchanda, while directed by Laxman Utekar. The film has Veena Jamkar, Parth Bhalerao, Prathamesh Parab, Aashok Shinde, Neha Joshi, ‪‎Nandita Dhuri‬, Pratima Joshi, Reshma Shinde, ‎Subrat Dutta and Jaywant Wadkar in lead and supporting roles. The film has story from Rohan Ghuge while the music comes from ROhit Naghbhide and cinematography is carried out Lawrence D’Cunha. Now, time to take a dig inside the film as under to get the gist of the same in the following lines:
Meet Sandhya played by Veena Jamkar who happens to be a bright and innocent girl having mentally challenged personality. She is lost on the streets of Mumbai wherein she meets up different people characters. She is a protected child who happens to be unprepared and isolated to deal with the real world. Owing to several issues with her behavior, she has discontinued her school and doesn’t even mingle with others. Her parents keep a good care of her but when we talk about the Mumbai chawl the care become a relative term. On her 24th birthday, she is taken outside by her parents to have a good time but she is lost, so, what happens next is worthy to explore.
The format of the film is simple and the director is able to successfully use the plot to present the film in a proper fashion. However, one of the key issues is the opportunity of the movie becoming episodic make the story of the film very much insubstantial. You get to see loads of good actors in the film but are seen in smaller roles give limited impact. A strong protagonist in the film is desperately required in a film, which can be easily identified to have a decent impact. The film is not consistent in its entirety, however, manages to make you feel reasonably strong enough to enjoy a decent experience without shying away from the darker elements of the subject.
The first half of the film is largely episodic and still has limited amount of impact. The audience simply needs to keep the disbelief on hold in order to find the intermission point. For instance, the getting lost part itself is feebly convincing. It’s hard to believe the way any mentally challenged girl is overpowering two cops with their own vehicle in not so busy road. Also, the people she meets barely harm her is also impossible to believe in a Mumbai which is ruled by bad elements especially at night. Taking about the performances, Veena Jamkar playing the lead role is known as a reliable actress in M Town but seeing her play this character of a mentally challenged girl is dismaying. Her performance is simply awful and unrealistic putting question mark over her dexterity level in acting.
However, the film stars to recover post intermission. Rather of a chance encountering with random people, the second half is seen making the film logical in its plot. It deals with the negative sides of the life while trying to make the film interesting and collection sympathy. At the climax you may get a feeling that it is a convenient one, however, it is the need of the script to give a happy ending to create some positive vibes across the life. One of the positive elements of the film is the cinematography showcased by Lawrence D’Cunha and on location outdoor work. This could be one of the key reasons to catch up the film.
Lalbaughi Rani Last Word
The film can be summarized in one life wherein you have a protagonist on a journey meeting different characters and changing everyone’s life including herself as well with causing a reciprocal changes in others. The format of the movie is very much simple though not very much common without being unfamiliar. In fact, you can find a number of instances working in a right way from tales like Alice in Wonderful to Jagte Raho.
Rating – 2.5

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