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Home Sweet Home Movie Review

Home Sweet Home


Home Sweet Home Reviews :

Director – Hrishikesh Joshi

Star Cast – Hrushikesh Joshi, Shruha Joshi, Mohan Joshi, Reema Lagu, Vibhawari Deshpande

Genre – Family Drama

Producers – Hemant Ruprel, Ranjeet Thakur

Production Studio – Frame Production Company and Proactive & Swaroop Recreation Media

Music – Narendra Bhide, Santosh Mulekar

Rating – 2.5


As the title of the film only indicates that it is a film that deals with family and issues in the family. It has showcased how despite having all differences the family members remain in strong bond between the family members. However, with time, the family members move out for their dream perusal and lost touch to keep their unresolved issues still alive from the past. However, when they come along they meet and resolve things at the end. So, how a thing really work does would be interesting to catch in the film.


The makers were able to bring out the story that remains the part and parcel of every next door family in the society but at the same time they have added several elements that keep the film interesting and alive for the audience. The director (Joshi) who is also seen in the lead role has directed this film and has opening his innings in direction with this film. He was smart enough to present the view and the story in a right perfective. He was smart enough to present things in a right direction but was also seen faltering over a number of things, which is but natural to see as this was his first film.

Now, talking about the performances of the actors is concerned, the film has a good star cast and is known to have performed the best. The actors including Hrushikesh Joshi and Shruha Joshi have played the best performance over the silver screen. Also, the others too have done a decent job. The other elements in the film including the screenplay, direction, music, photography and editing seemed okay and would therefore play an interesting role.

Home Sweet Home – the last word

The film though has a common theme but it has the innovation to put the family issues in a different way that’s been the crux of the film. Though it fails to impress yet can be a onetime watch film for the M Town audience.

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