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Happy Journey Review : Is A Delighting Treat

Happy Journey Review

Journeys can sometimes turn lives upside down, for good or bad. Here is one journey that goes on a different course. It is the course of life that it pursues. What happens in such a quest for life? Will merriment turn into tears or will life bring an unexpected twist? Happy Journey is a journey of suspense. Wait and watch what lies at the other end.

The beautiful Priya Bapat and the dashing Atul Kulkarni embark upon a journey in their own bus. But hey .. these good looking stars are not lovers but siblings! Then where is the love angle in the story? Enter Pallavi Subhash , a childhood classmate of Atul who is still single. Will love bloom once again for the guy who is excessively restrained in his emotions. His unexpressive personality and fiery temper might just play the spoil sport for this well intentioned guy.

For Atul who returns to his hometown , an unsuccessful and failed man, there is a journey that he hopes will change the course of his life. With sister played by Priya Bapat, he joins a dream trip to seek correction for his life.On this journey you will love and emotions and ego clashes. Conflicts in attitudes and temperament just like a real brother sister duo are all to be found on this journey.

Directed by Sachin Kundalkar,Happy Journey is musical and fantasy like. Yes there are certain elements in the film that are unbelievable for a rational mind. But this journey will convince you with its story that is delectable. Actors Atul and Priya are delectable and endearing as siblings. The peppy Priya and the short tempered Atul are like the ever fighting siblings in our households. Pallavi Subhash adds the touch of beauty and glamour. She is also a Plus for the film. Exotic locales and skillful cinematography is among the positives of the film. The film looks fresh and exuberating. The story is has novel and idea of a journey being completed infuses thrill and excitement in the audience.

Happy Journey is indeed a journey to be happy about. But of course you will have to let go your rational sense a bit. But without doubt it is one journey you will not regret watching.

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