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Garbh Marathi Movie Review

Garbh Movie Review

Cast: Siya Patil, Sushant Shelar, Anant Jog, Nishigandha Wad, Yatin Karyekar

Direction: Subhash Ghorpade

Genre: Drama

Duration: 2 hours 21 minutes

Rating – 2.0


In this story you can find Kavita (Patil) stays at her aunt’s house and while the aunt is caring, Kavita’s uncle is greedy for money. He is tricked by a local theatre company owner into sending Kavita for rehearsals. After suffering ill-treatment at the hands of her uncle and the theatre person, kavita is rescued by Rahul (Shelar). The two marry and start leading a happy life. Soon, the couple starts preparing to welcome their child to the family but tragedy strikes. Rahul meets with an accident and needs surgery to be saved. Kavita approaches Rahul’s boss for money and though the boss agrees, his wife asks Kavita to give up her child if she wants the money. Helpless, Kavita agrees and that’s when things start going bad.


The film deal with the struggle of a pregnant woman who ends up signing a contract to give up her child for the sake of money is shown through this film. Though it has some amount of similarity with the earlier film released called Toh Ani Mee: Ek Runanubandh’ and ‘Karaar’ but these two brought the issue of surrogacy under the spotlight. The plight of a woman unable to bear children was portrayed through these two films. Garbh turns the tables around.

Siya Patil returns to the screen after a long gap and ditches the glam look for a more conservative one. She tries to lend authenticity to her role and succeeds to a point. But the tragic phases her character goes through, makes Kavita the modern-day equivalent of veteran actress Alka Kubal’s roles. Other actors, including Yatin Karyekar, Anant Jog and Sushant Shelar, play typical characters (understanding father-in-law, cruel uncle and conflicted husband) that one would find in such a movie.

Garbh- The Final Word

Half an hour into it, you know where the movie headed. It doesn’t take an expert to predict the chain of events. Overall, this is a genuine effort that lacks consistency and execution and falls flat. This simply means that the film gets a low rating, which is not less than 2.0 for sure

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