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Dagdi Chawl Marathi Movie Review

Dagadi-Chawl-Marathi-Movie Review

Dagdi Chawl– Fails to Meet The Expectations, which makes it as one One Time Watch! 

The Marathi Movie Cinema seems to be gearing up as never before with movies releasing on Fridays in a frequent intervals. This week, we had Dagdi Chawl, gives Chandrakant Kanse the debut in direction, under the banner of Manglmurti Films, while it is produced by Sai Pooja Films & Entertainment. The film has Ankush Choudhary, Pooja Sawant and Makarand Deshpande in the pivotal roles. The film Dagdi Chalwl is based on the underworld, which is made on similar lines unlike any other underworld movie, however, for Marathi it can be yet called as an untouched subject portrayed somewhere as expected. Let’s dig in deep to get the crux of the film as under:


The film is about a young man called Suryakant Shinde often called as Surya, which is played by Ankush Chaudhary. He is a hard worker and is engaged in a garage working for long hours to lead a decent and satisfactory life. Amidst his life, a gorgeous girl called Sonal played by Pooja Sawant shifts to his BDD Chawal and it was a love at first sight, not just for him but for her as well. Their romance is seen blossoming till we find the twist coming in their smooth life when a bunch of goons quarrel with Surya and soon they are seen tasting the dirt and fall flat against the powerful action and self defense war. However, these goons belong to the local and ruthless politician called Daddy played by Makadand Deshpande from Dagadi Chawl. Now, Surya is in a fix and it’s a fierce clash between him and the ruthless group of goons. What happens next and how things transpire between the two is interesting to catch at the climax.

Script Analysis

Dagdi Chawl inspires from the real life of an underworld gang and their clash with an individual from some other chawl, however, the script comes out to be spicy to increase the entertainment value. Though the first half starts unlike any typical action film, however, as time passes, you can witness the screenplay to be very fast backed with action sequences in a regular interval keeping the audience glued to their seats for long. You can find a decent balance in between the commercial and realistic story elements though at times, it is seen losing grounds. The director being a novice in this field (as it’s his debut direction), wasn’t that catch and ace in his debut venture yet cannot be underestimated for being presenting a decent film. At least, his efforts are to be appreciated a lot for making a movie based on underworld.

Star Performances

Starting with the lead star Ankush Chaudhary who played the character of Surya seemed with a splendid performance. He is the man who gave two back to back movies with decent performance and DC is his third venture wherein he is perfectly juggling in between the soft heart to an angry man with great ease and dexterity. However, the one who is seen overshadowing others comes in the form for Makarand Deshpande in the character of the local politician and goon called Daddy. His terror looks backed by cool performance makes the difference. Talking about Pooja playing the lead actress role too seemed sufficing her character as per character demands though she has not much to do in terms of screen space, hence we can call that she didn’t get much time and space to prove her worth except the fact that we call her a decent performer. Both Sanjay Khapre and Yatin Karyekar the trusted men of Daddy were cool, while Kamlesh simply played a ruthless cop while playing the best character over the silver screen.

Music, Editing, Screenplay and Technical Aspects

In terms of technicalities, the Marathi movie often is seen struggling for the obvious resource, which come along with elements like use of state of art technologies and gadgets to make some of the best movie over the silver screen. The film showcases the age of nineties, hence it failed to pose the right kind of gleam and edge, which modern day filmmaking technologies can make the difference. There are several hitches and flaws in terms of photography and screenplay as you can find mobile towers and tall buildings along with lavish malls at the backdrop, which debases the direction and screenplay much.  Talking about the music, the film isn’t that impressive, except the Morya number that seemed entertaining. The screenplay and the story have couple of flaws, as it stretches a lot the flashback sequences to unfathomable durations.

Last Word – Dagdi Chawl

The film lacks the right blend of content and story in it thus hampering the required tone and structure the filmmaker need to make an underworld flick. In terms of technology and skilled filmmaking techniques, DC seems lagging behind. The narration isn’t that impressive thus failing to surpass the expectations of the audience though the performances were great yet seemed hitting the wrong target making it an exercise to futility. The abrupt twist and turn switching to the flashback to the current scenes simply perplexes the audience and hampers the edge of the film making things bad to worse. Making a underworld flick is not a simply task, it requires loads of integrity, professionalism and smart use of professionalism, since the director is new, one cannot expect much from him, yet Dadgdi Chawl is a onetime watch.

Rating – 2.5

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