CBFC Clears ‘Nude’ With An ‘A’ with no cuts big news for the M Town

We live in the age of freedom of expression, but at the same time, freedom of expression that goes beyond the limits are being agitated in public domain for many reasons. Some reject the idea of making things for their own vested interest, while others have their own other interest to fulfill. Talking about the movies, our censor board has behaved very Sanskari going too harsh over the films many a time. This has led the tug of war between the censor board and filmmakers in B Town. Most of the time, it is the courts that have to intervene to settle the issue, and despite all this we still see the Censor Board being strict to the films.

We have seen the board with issues like cutting the scenes at random from the film that takes away from the vision of the director. Since past few months, the CBFC has been notorious on various films for an unknown reason. So, when the Marathi movie called Nude was presented before the Censor Board, it came as a surprise for the makers and the M Town fans. The film was passed without any cuts in it and the certificate it ended up getting was A. This film has been making headlines for the title and the content, hence was expected to see the wrath of the censor board.

But nothing much came out from the Censor Board and we see the filmmaker getting just an A certificate without asking for any cuts. The Marathi film is directed by the known filmmaker Ravi Jadhav. The film was dropped from the list of nominations at the International Film Festival of India (IFFI) the past year. However, there was a special jury led by Vidya Balan that was seen clearing the same with the A Certificate. The director of the film was seen announcing it over the Twitter when he thanked the jury for the kind verdict.

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