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Catch Kaasav Teaser to Get immersed in the Wisdom of ‘Kaasav’


Here comes the first look teaser for the Marathi movie called Kaasav. The film is directed by Sumitra Bhave and Sunil Sukthankar who all happen to be the visionary filmmaker in M Town. As you check the same, one can find a collage of sequences backed with the soothing song Leher Samandar Re…. Kaasav, which resonates very much to the mental condition of people that suffer from depression.

The movie has already has been really applauded at the movie festival all over the world including the prestigious MAMI in Mumbai. The entire teaser of this movie that is seen pulling out from the world of the moving a competitive actors like Dr. Mohan Agashe, Kishore Kadam, Irawati Harshe & Alok Rajwade.

The song ‘Kaasav’ can be called a metaphor for the stillness, the calmness & serenity amidst of this world full of chaos. The song ‘Kaasav’ is an animal that has one of the longest span of time among all species.

Well, it would be interesting to catch the teaser of thesong Kaasav as under:

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