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Catch Chumbak Trailer featuring both Funny and Heartfelt sequences

Chumbak Trailer


The M Town as we know has been in a great form to see too many films releasing too often and every Friday of a passing week. Come this Friday and we have two movies releasing while the upcoming list of Marathi movie seems to be bigger this year as compared to the previous one making the industry a happening one. Well, one such movie in the upcoming movie list is of course the one called Chumbak. The makers of the film have been active in bringing out one thing or the other which include the trailer as well released recently.  We can call this film to be the most awaited movie considering the buzz of the film in the M Town audience.

This has made the trailer of the film to be the most awaited one for several reasons. One of the key reasons include one being the fact that the said movie has been applauded a lot in several film festivals both in India and abroad and other reason is the association of the B Town star Akshay Kumar who happens to be the presented of this movie. As you check the trailer, the content of the film simply introduces the makers the basic plot of the movie precisely.

The plot of the film has the character called Prasanna played by Swanand Kirkire who is being conned by the two young kids from Mumbai who are seen pretending to be the RBI governor! But rather than this simple minded man who does not allowed them to con him so easily, he simply does not leave them so easily! In a way, we can see their destinies bring them together once again! So, what change do these characters are seen undergoing is to be seen in the M Town movie. And do you find them completing their desires or not even giving him the same.

The journey of the film seems to be both heartfelt and funny at the very same time. The story of the film simply starts from the cit Mumbai and later is seen flowing through several other parts of MS. The trailer of the film simply suggests the right locations that are used in the movie along with the real and they give the right feel to the movie.


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