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Boyz Marathi Movie Review : Half Baked movie script and naive performances ruins the film 

Boyz marathi movie review
Boyz marathi movie review

Movie : Boyz (2017)

Director : Vishal Sakharam Devrukhakar
Studio : Supreme Motions Picture Pvt Ltd
Star Cast : Santosh Juvekar, Zakir Hussain,Vaibhav Mangale, Shilpa Tulaskar, Sharvari Jemanis, and Parth Bhalerao
Story : Vishal Sakharam Devrukhakar, Rahul Odak
Music : Avdhoot Gupte
Cinematography (DOP) : Jatala Siddharth
Rating – 2.5
Boyz is a film based on a typical disciplined movie, which has typical students. The school enjoys a good discipline, which is being ruined by the advent of two students how become the part of this school when they enter into to the shool hostel in one of the most studious and competent student. Though he resists for a while but soon comes into the color of the rest of the two, who ensures that he learns the lesson of fun and time pass, which was not the part of the film earlier. He break rules and win heart of his sweetheart but what happens the next is interesting to catch.
The M Town seems to embarking some newly aligned and cool scripts and Boys seems to be the one, however, the way the film was executed with naive performances and half baked presentation, it has widely hampered the quality and entertaintainment value of the movie. Nevertheless, the film’s selling point is its good and unique content with usual characters seen too often, which makes the audience whether they are catching somehting new or interesting or it happens to be the same old story brought up in a new fashion.
Now talking about the performance except the few, the other remained un utilized and under performance. The reasons were obvious as they tend to forget the art of portraying themselve the best. Except Santosh Juvekar, Zakir Hussain,Vaibhav Mangale and Shilpa Tulaskar, the others remained below average in terms of giving the performances in the movie. The other elements like direction, music, screenplay and editing things remained okay but somehow failed to impress, in a way the audience might regret catching this film this weekend. Let’s not forget Sunny Leone who comes with her usual masala and hot song stealing the show.
Boys The Last Word 
There is not much stuff to catch in the Marathi movie Boys except the same story being added with new twists and turns making thing different though but keeping the base line the same. It can be a typical catch for the audience who loves the star cast or have affinity towards Sunny Leone.
Rating – 2.5

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