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Bhikari Marathi Movie Review

Bhikari Movie Review

Bhikari Movie Review

Star cast: Swapnil Joshi, Rucha Inamdar, Sayaji Shinde, Kirti Adarkar, Milind Shinde

Director: Ganesh Acharya

Genre: Drama

Duration: 2 hours 10 minutes

Rating – 3


Before you come out about your complaint regarding a film being titled as Bhikari, you need to have a clarity for it. Well, the title happens to be a reference to a popular axiom in Marathi, which goes ‘Swami tinhi jagacha, aai vina bhikari’ which somewhere means that the one who is known to have everything but a mother is still can be called as a beggar’. This happens to be the crux of this film and its story. The film showcases the exact literal meaning before the audience. The plot starts with the character Samrat played by Swapnil Joshi who takes the business from his mother Sharada played by Kirti Adarkar after she meets an accident ends to see her going into coma. Despite the best treatments, her conditions witnesses a single improvement. He then consults this case with a spiritual guru who ask to shun everything he has and start begging alms with the trust on the all mighty lord. So, Samrat is seen embarking on road of self-realisation and without interested to face any kind of hurdles.

one can find the films in M Town which have the standard run-of-the-mill stuff along with others, which are completely different, while this film falls in between the same. One can find this movie the right blend of star power and the spice along with having an emotional story in it. The execution is where this film seems to falter. For making the film an entertaining blend Acharya seems to puts more than one can digest on your plate. The film has a simple story, which is about a son, who goes to extreme in order to help his mother for recovering- that seemed to have worked wonders, however, when you are seen putting the love interest, along with giving a number of songs along with sub plot regarding the power issue that is seen within the family and the things that start getting away from the capacity. We can’t help it on having a poor execution.

Bhikari Movie Last Word

Though film lacks behind in many ways and offer big promises regarding the hard hitting things but it come along with a decent dose of entertainment. One can find a cool performance from Swwapnil Joshi as he has tried to appear convincing, however, others simply remained the same old average. Perhaps its the execution that has failed making the film a bad catch. Lastly if you are a fan of Joshi you could have reasons  to catch the film

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