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Barad the barren land soon in theatres

Cinema has at enlarge changed its view, drama all the nuances and coming bright to entertain and to enlighten. Marathi movie world is no exception to it. Marathi movies are evolving more around the personified topics. Image  SRK production is presenting an audacious attempt which is crucial to put light on.

Hauling innocent people, betraying friends- families for money is a child’s play these days. Politics is draining away the trust from its voters by playing cheap tricks and internal politics for their own betterment. Barad is one such film which flashes light on all such social elements of a small village Alkud, where money hopes are destructing the prosperity and humanity.

Barad means barren land. Many villages have such infertile lands. The movie floats around a rumor which annihilates the villagers as well as the village.

Atharva Movies presented, Devendra Kapadnis produced Kumar Gandhi Co-produced. Cinematography by Kamal Chaupal and Surendra Singh. Sandeep Wadekar has given beautiful music, Prakash Nar has given vibrant background music and Dr. Mithila Kapadnis has given good lyrics for the film. Suhas Palshikar. Shahaji Kale. Rajan Patil Bharat Ganeshpure, Nandkishor Chaugule, Sanjay Kulkarni, Rohit Chavan, Dhananjay Jamdar, Ajay Apkire, Geeta Shinde, Namrata Kudalkar. Shrikant Badve, Padma Savji, Ranjit Minchekar. Geeta Pathak, Priyanka Pawar, Vidhya Savale, Sanjeev More, K. Pandit, Ajit Kurne, Sharvari Joshi, B.Narute, Anand Chavan, Vrunda  Limye, Divya Katagade, Chetan Devadikar, Makrand Ankalgiare coming with their film Barad on the 10th  June all over Maharashtra.

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