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Ashutosh Gowariker ‘s role is actually playing himself in VENTILATOR as Bollywood Director – Kunickaa Sadanand

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Real Director ASHUTOSH GOWARIKER and Real Director Rajesh Mapuskar
Real Director ASHUTOSH GOWARIKER and Real Director Rajesh Mapuskar

Kunickaa Sadanand who currently took a Break from Acting because Acting wouldn’t last for long as you get Roles according to your age – Is Currently as Associate Producer in Purple Pebbles Pictures tells to Priyanka Raina , “I am greatful to Madhu Chopra and Priyanka Chopra and to to my whole team for having faith in me & making me part of their family”

Kunickaa Sadanand further adds, I always wanted to produce films  that are more Content Driven, and never wanted to be Director. I also Produced Bhojpuri film MAATI *ing Ravi Kissian `which was a very clean film and won hearts. Also ten years back, There was show on DOORDARSHAN “Stivers and Achievers”produced by me which was on Handicapped , Mentally challenged which I am very proud of.
Priyanka Raina : How would you describe Ventilator in one word ?
Kunickaa Sadanand : Ventilator is a a film that has emotions,Respect fot Elders – One film that we all are proud of and also when today audience returns, i am Sure they are going to take lovely message
Priyanka Raina : Any one Memories of Shooting of VENTLATOR , which can’t be forgotton ?
Kunickaa Sadanand : There are lots of memories, Actually Lovely memories. The  film had to be shot in Hospital and in sync sound which means “There has to be silence so Dialogues are heard” . so we use to say , Silence please and that was most hardest task. As major scenes were in Hospital corridors which is most Noisest area- and with Our 158 Unit members so can Imagine (Laughs)
Priyanka Raina : Is movie shot on  sets of Hospital or Real Hospital “
Kunickaa Sadanand : The movie was shot on Real Hospital and its Kohinoor Hospital, Kurla and We at Purple Pebbles Pictures thank you The staff of Kohinoor for showing their Cooperation
Priyanka Raina: That’s touching , and How was experience on working with Larger then Life Director Ashutosh Gowarikar, who will be making a Debut to Acting ?
Kunickaa Sadanand : Oh yah Ashutosh Gowarikar is a very good Actor , He has done films earlier. Yes can say VENTILATOR will be a Comeback film for him.
First of all , ASHU was not ready and told ‘I am Director now and dont know weather will be able to act infront of camera or not” . Also he was busy with Mohenjo daro shooting, But Rajesh Mapuskar waited till his shoot got over and again approached.
In Ventilator, Ashutosh Gowariker ‘s role is actually playing himself – The Role is of Bollywood Director who achieves name and comes to his Village in small town.
Priyanka Raina : You are not playing any Cameo in Ventilator….
Kunickaa Sadanand : I have done a Crowd Dubbing in Ventilator, There was one character and so took all my Acting abilities there (Laughs)
Priyanka Raina : So any plans of returning to Acting?
Kunickaa Sadanand : Oh yes , if any good Roles comes my way, Why not ? I have now choosen to be Producer as can make many many Content Driven films and as Producer – You have a very long way to go.
Also Actor’s Life is short and is set according to age and the way you look.
Priyanka Raina : The Major Hindi films not working as we could see last week, and regional Cinema coming with really good Content ?
Kunickaa Sadanand : Regional Films are more daring then the main stream Cinema. The Main Stream Cinema manly goes after Star studded scens, Add on’s where They actually forget the script.
Regional Cinema from Beginning only have been more Content Driven and reflects mainly story. So We can see Punjabi and Marathi Cinema having reaching Globally.
Priyanka Raina : Would like to Conclude on Ventilator to Viewers ….
Kunickaa Sadanand : Ventilator is one film, that we are all proud off. If we hear Ventilator , Can see a mask which gets too emotional. But Rajesh Mapuskar has done a good job and Today is our Test which are in hands of your People. So hope, everyone comes our happily.
So Here is Kunickaa Sadanand  who is Currently working as Associate producer in PURPLE PEBBLES PICTURES shares her Global Experience to Priyanka Raina on Ventilator – Do Share us your views in Comments section

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