After astounding success of his first film, Weddingcha Shinema as director, Dr. Salil Kulkarni is back with “Ekada Kaay Jhale”

“Ekada Kaay Jhale

After the run-away success of his first Marathi film Weddingcha Shinema as a director, the leading music director in the Marathi industry Salil Kulkarni has announced his second film Ekada Kaay Jhale. The first poster of the film was revealed on the social media on Monday, leading to the buzz in the film industry.

After Weddingcha Shinema proved a hit on the silver screen in Maharashtra, India and even in other countries as well, Salil Kulkarni is now considered one of the established directors in the Marathi film industry.  On the backdrop of the success of the Weddingcha Shinema, Salil has come out with another film as a director and has released the poster.

The film Ekada Kaay Jhale is being produced by Gajavadana Productions and Showbox Productions, and will hit the silver screen in the Summer 2020.  As for his first film, Salil will be in multiple roles of writer, director and music director in this film also..

From the traditional values to the modern fervors added to it, Weddingcha Shinema revolved around many lighter, soothing moments that we witness during the wedding ceremonies around us. Proved on multiple fronts as captain of the film, the expectations and curiosity about Salil’s second film Ekada Kaay Jhale has triggered to a large extent.

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