Abhijeet Chavan

Abhijeet Chavan

Abhijeet Chavan Bio :

Born : N/A
Birthplace : Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Height : 5.6
Occupation : Actor

Abhijeet Chavan is a known name in M Town who has also acted in all the formats including TV, theatre and other formats. He hails from Mumbai wherein he was born on 10th April 1981. He did his schooling and college from Mumbai itself and since his student life; he has been active in cultural activities apart from being attacked to theatre groups. After his studies, he continued with his theatres and soon he got the chance to act in the TV world. His popular plays include Aamacha hasawanyacha Dhanda and Love Guru. Soon he got the chance to act in small screen, which started with Ambat Goad aired at Star Pravah and the other show called Comedy Express- Without Ticket Full Timepass.

He soon was spotted by a Marathi movie filmmaker who offered him to the Marathi film called Gojiri as Nanu in the year 2007. Soon he got another film Uchla Re Uchla released in the year 2011 following the other two Gajrachi Pungi, Baburao La Pakda wherein he played the character called Mama released in the year 2012. He then another film called Rajwada, which was released in the year 2014. Some of the other movies including the short film called Shar in 2006 followed by another called Split Wide Open wherein he played the role of Bouncer 2 released in 1999, which was during his struggling days.

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