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Natsamrat Marathi Movie Review


Stellar Performances Rich Content is Thy name Natsamrat

This Friday, the most awaited Marathi movie – Natsamrat was released with all the buzz amidst the Marathi Cinema audience. This drama genre film has Nana Patekar, Medha Manjrekar, Vikram Gokhale, Sunil Barve and Mrunmayee Deshpande in the pivotal roles. The film is directed by Mahesh Manjrekar. The film evokes a powerful nostalgic & emotional reaction in Marathi audience. This popular play is written by Kusumagraj, which is a tribute to a number of stars leading their life without their stardom that they enjoyed earlier.  This made the film to be among the anticipated releases and thus mark a big day for Marathi Cinema. Now, let us check the crux of Marathi movie review as under:


Meet Appa Belwalkar played by Nana Patekar who is an actor par excellent. The story begins when he retires himself from the stardom he had enjoyed after giving powerful performances over the stage for four decades. Despite all the fame and popularity he has in the world of theatre, he is ill treated by his own family members especially his daughter in law played by Neha Pendse who accuses this man for misleading and teaching wrong things to her daughter. Amidst all mess, Appa and his wife decides to leave the place of his son’s place and thus gets the shelter from her daughter played by Mrunmayee Deshpande. The two settle down there who are being respected by her daughter and her husband (Sunil Barve), however, it is a short lived phenomenon as the retired actor gets the accusation of stealing the money by his own daughter. The two again leaves the home of their daughter leaving the place amidst all heavy downpours. Leaving behind his children, the two stars their life on street and what happens at the end is interesting to explore.

Script Analysis

Natsamrat has one of the most complex and earnest kind of bonds between the two. The film has portrayed one of the most enchanting bond of friendship which is enjoyed by Ganpat and Ramya the two competitors and contemporaries. It also showcases the commitment of the man Ganpat towards his spouse who he lovingly calls her as Sarkar. It also shows how Kaveri despite having bad time with her kids is forced to have nomadic lifestyle with all patience. Amidst all this, the film has strong message to convey to the audience about the actors who lead pathetic life after their stardom fades despite all the love and honour they had during the stardom. The director in the film has taken a number of cinematic liberties without actually ruining the originality of the play.

Star Performances

As always, Nana Patekar has given a stellar performance while playing this multi faceted character in the film. He has skilfully portrayed the complex emotions over the silver screen doing deep with an ease, which draws one and all. Vikram Gokhale is seen shinning with his small screen but with albeit meaty character in the film.  Medha Manjrekar is able to portray the best performance as ever while adding up the elements to the film. She certainly deserves a much strong kind of roles to prove her worth over the silver screen as she has got the opportunity in Natasmart. The other actors in the film like Mrunmayee Deshpande, Neha Pendse, Sunil Barve and Ajit Parab too are worthy ones to be discussed here.

Direction, Music, Screenplay, Editing and other technical elements

The director is smart enough to draw the best flaks from the actors portraying the best of the emotions required by the characters in the film. In terms of stellar performances, which the audience are able to catch over the silver screen, the director deserves all round of applauds for the same. The music is soothing, which is backed very well by the stellar performances similar is the story with screenplay and other technical elements, which steals the show for the film.

Natsamrat – Last Word

Natsamrat can be called as a heart warming story that come along with stellar performances. The lead actors especially Nana Patekar has managed to emotes the character very beautifully. You can there watch the film with sheer joy as it come along with super performances delivered by one of the finest actors like Nana Patekar and Vikram Gokhale. And while you end up catching the film in your close by theatre, you would be intrigued with such a captivating cinema before the credit actually rolls. Also, do not simply miss the extraordinary monologues towards the very end. This adds up a higher rating for the film.

Rating – 4.0

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