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Wax statues of Amrita Khanvilkar and Ankush Chaudhary in Devgad


Our generation is not far from the supersonic era of scientific technology. We have all the trendy things which surely include selfies. Selfies are something that can be a memory and prove of that particular situation. You know what is even more exciting? Taking a selfie with your favorite “wax statue”star and flaunting in front of your friends. You must be glad to know this news that you can click selfies with your favorite legendary artists Amrita Khanvilkar and Ankush Chaudhary as we are going to have their wax statues in Devgad.

Yes, now your wish will come true as you don’t have to wait for the husk busk and you can click as many selfies with their statues as much you much want. You just need to go to wax museum in Devgad as Sunil Kandalur has undertaken the charge of the work. It’s not the first time that Sunil Kandalur is on limelight.


 He is famous for creating many statues of wax rolls Museum in Lonavala veksa sairata Fame and Archie parasa course Rinku Rajguru and blue thosar. This is crazy when you can find your favorite person on earth near to you and when it is a celebrity, the excitement becomes triple. How cool you can be in your friend circle by showing them pictures of yours with the celebrities, right? After all who will get to know that it is a wax statue or it is a real picture. Come on, wax statues are very original.

We can’t wait more as time now. But it is also true that the more you wait, the more you will be blessed with. It will be a dream comes true for every Marathi Mulgi and Porga. Don’t worry there are so many other things present for you and our industry. This wax statue is just the beginning of everything.


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