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Swwapnil Joshi & Mukta Barve Gearing up for Mumbai Pune Mumbai 3

Mumbai Pune Mumbai 3
Mumbai Pune Mumbai 3

The first time when we saw the first movie of the famous M Town franchise called Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai was in the year 2010 and no one at the time know that this will go a long way. After the first part went hit in the M Town, the makers made another film in the year 2015 and now we hear the makers are now planning for the third edition of the film.  The film starring Swwapnil Joshi and Mukta Barve did an iconic roles in the romantic series in both the prequel and the sequel. So, considering the potential in this franchise, the makers now plan to embark with the third part.

The fact is the makers have also released the first look poster of the movie, which seems to have gone viral over the social media platform. The poster released has the tagline of its popular song in it. The director is the same man who did the first two series of the film, which include Satish Rajwade who has given some of the best comedy and romantic movies in M Town. The film is produced by Sanjay Chhabria in assocaition with Amit Bhanushali with his old time banner that has produced the two films earlier.

The makers have even announced the date of the film, which will be releasing in April 2018. The earlier part 1 and part 2 has done well at the box office not just in the state but also at other places as well including in Goa, Karnataka and Gujarat as well apart from the overseas circuits like US. The film was released in the US cities including San Francisco, Houston, Los Angeles, Detroit, and Salt Lake City among other others. The makers are expecting similar kind of response by the third series of this famous franchise of Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai, which is all set to hit next year.

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