Sujay Reu

Sujay Reu Bio :

Born : June 6, 1989
Age : 34 Years
Birthplace : 
Occupation : Actor
Height : 5.9
Upcoming TV Show : Srimad Ramayan

Sujay Reu, born on June 6, 1989, has established himself as a notable actor with a repertoire of television performances. Recognized for his roles in shows like “Ram Milaayi Jodi” (2010), “Alaxmi: Hamari Super Bahu” (2012), and “Siya Ke Ram” (2015), Sujay Reu is set to embark on a significant new venture as he steps into the revered character of Lord Ram in the upcoming show ‘Srimad Ramayan.’

Sujay Reu Acting Career :

The anticipation surrounding the show has intensified with the release of a new promo, offering viewers a glimpse into the portrayal of ‘Maryada Purushottam’ Shri Ram by Sujay Reu. Expressing his sentiments about undertaking this sacred role, Sujay shared, “I am honoured and exhilarated to have received this opportunity in ‘Srimad Ramayan.’”

For Sujay, portraying Lord Ram is not just a role but a profound responsibility and a spiritual journey unlike any other. He acknowledges the gravity of depicting a highly worshipped deity, emphasizing that the timeless narrative of Lord Ram has always held a special place in his heart. This opportunity to bring alive the journey of Lord Ram is a dream come true for the talented actor.

Scheduled to launch on January 1, ‘Srimad Ramayan’ is poised to take the audience on a captivating exploration of the revered epic. The show, set to air on Sony, promises to offer a fresh perspective on the timeless tale, with Sujay Reu’s portrayal of Lord Ram adding a new dimension to this cherished narrative.

As the actor embraces the profound responsibility of embodying the revered character, viewers can anticipate a portrayal that goes beyond the realms of acting and delves into the spiritual essence of one of India’s most cherished mythological figures. Sujay Reu’s enthusiasm and dedication to this role indicate that ‘Srimad Ramayan’ is not just a television show but a heartfelt endeavor to bring alive the cultural and spiritual heritage associated with the legendary tale of Lord Ram.

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