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Star Pravah’s Arrey Vedya Manaa gets popular with young audiences despite of IPL

Arrey Vedya Manaa has gone on air on popular Marathi channel, Star Pravah in the last week of April. Since then the show has received great response from Marathi audience. Arrey Vedya Manaa, as the title suggests is a love story but also a family drama. The leading roles of Swapnil and Madhuri are played by Abhijith Amkar and Nupur Parulkar respectively.

Swapnil is a responsible and caring youngster who falls in love with Madhuri who is a vivacious and carefree girl. The phrase “opposites attract” describes the story best. The show had recorded high TRP in the first week and later in the second it went up despite of IPL matches. The adorable pair of Abhijith Amkar and Nupur Parulkar has apparently won the hearts of the young audience.

 Arrey Vedya Manaa has been put in the prime time slot in this season of this IPL matches. Star Pravah has experimented with this new show to freshen up the prime time slot. While the story caters to young audience especially, it is also a family drama that will be entertaining for the elderly audience as well. The channel, Star Pravah that was experiencing a lull in its TRP is looking to regain its good viewership with the new shows. Of these Arrey Vedya Manaa looks most promising. What remains to be seen whether it can continue to get great viewership despite of the cricket matches.

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