Shrishti Singh

Shrishti Singh Bio :

Born: 11 October 1993
Age : 28 Years
Birthplace : Delhi
Height: 5.7
Upcoming show: Chashni

Shrishti Singh an actress who appears in the Indian soap Chashni. The show is about two sisters who turn into mother-in-law and daughter-in-law after an incident. Shrishti Singh is making her acting debut in the show. – She is playing the lead role of Chandni in Chashni. She is being supported by other supporting actors like Amandeep Sidhu as Roshni and Ketan Rao as Sai Ketan. The show revolves around the story of a fire fighter and her struggles in life. Shrishti Singh has essayed her role beautifully and her real name is Pratibha Singh. The story of Chandni has been very popular among viewers and its timing on the channel has also been well received by fans.

Star Plus’s spiciest show ‘Chashni’ is bringing a big mix of the two sisters, Chandni and Roshni, who turn into two sisters after their father’s death. The changes in the relationship between them gets complicated with their mother and daughter relationships getting intertwined in an unusual and twisted bond. It takes an incident that takes place in the law firm which then turns into a loop of incidents on the screens.

Shrishti Singh
Shrishti Singh

Shrishti Singh Career :

Srishti Singh, the rising star of Star Plus’s show Chandni, is the protagonist of their new and spiciest show Chashni. She has been successful in bringing the spiciest show to Indian television. Along with her two sisters, Amandeep Sidhu and Roshni Ahuja, they set out to add more spiciness to create a new leap in Indian television. Srishti Singh plays Chandni with a sweet name Amandeep Sidhu as Roshni and Chashni-Chandni as her two alter egos. This spicy entertainment on Star Plus is being loved by the audience, who are eagerly waiting for Chashni to reveal its truth. Srishti’s performance and dedication towards her work has been praised by all and she is surely here to stay for a long time. A lot can be expected from this rising star plus bar on Indian television in terms of spice entertainment!

Shrishti Singh is all set to make her acting debut with the upcoming show ‘Chashni’, alongside lead actress Amandeep Sidhu. Srishti expressed a great level of excitement for being a part of this new project and for understanding the entire script. This show will also feature Sai Ketan Rao, who will be playing Srishti’s on-screen mother. Chashni will be aired on Star Plus in 2023 and it is said to be an interesting show that revolves around law and justice. The chemistry between Srishti and Amandeep Sidhu will add to the magic of the show, as Ketan Rao has already proven his mettle in Indian television! With Chashni, Srishti is sure to make a mark in Indian Television industry, as she is slated to become a star plus bar!

Shrishti Singh Personal information :

Born and raised in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Srishti is currently in her late twenties, as per the information revealed by her. She was born on 20 August and is an actress by profession. As of now, her exact age is not known. However, she has kept her personal data private and not yet disclosed anything about it. She started off with a debut in Chashni where she played the lead role of Simran Kaur Khurana.

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