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Sai Tamhankar shares about her Unique Bond with Father


While celebrities today and post about their relationships and love affairs on media, Sai Tamhankar shares about her deep bond with her father. Moved by the story of Family Katta, in which she plays the daughter of Sabnis family, Sai got a step forward and posted a letter on the social media which she had written to her father. The letter is written n Marathi by her own hands. In the letter she opens out regarding her childhood when she used to wait for her father who worked on the ship. The letter is indeed very moving and heart touching.

 Sai plays the role of Manju in the film Family Katta. The character of Manju is secluded in the family as she had married a classmate from another caste against the wish of her siblings. This becomes the reason of discontent among the family members. Her character has lot of depth and shades and Sai is known for such roles.

Though she enjoys having a glamorous and bold image Sai has time and again proved that she can fit into any role be it glamorous or homely. Sai just could not resist sharing her thoughts about family especially father after she worked in Family Kattta.

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