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MX Player brings viewers two slice of life Marathi Originals – Pandu and Once A Year with #WeekendBingeOnMX

Pandal visits, yummy modaksand blessings that last a lifetime – after all the fun of the 10 days of Ganesh Utsav, it is time to unwind at home with a show that we can relate to, binge on and laugh along with – all at the very same time. With the launch of its two new Marathi Originals, MX Player– India’s leading streaming platform is making this magic combination come true with the slice of life comedy Pandu and Once A Yearwhich is a rom com. The trailer for both these Marathi web series’ have gone live today and all episodes will stream for free on MX Player, starting September 20th, 2019.

The first show named ‘Pandu’ is directed by Anusha Nanda Kumar & Sarang Sathaye. The series is a fun take on the everyday life of the Mumbai Police. Starring Suhas Sirsat & Deepak Shirke, ‘Pandu’ is a funny, dramatic and witty series on the life of these brave hearts who stand tall to keep the city safe.

Commenting on the same, Director Sarang Sathayesaid, “It takes massive commitment, passion and a daring heart to protect a city like Mumbai and our police force goes beyond their call of duty to ensure that we feel safe at home. This is a story which is very dear to my heart, it explores the lives of these men and women in khaki while at work as well as at home. It’s easy to forget that at the end of the day, they’re human beings just like us. This show attempts to take a sneak peek at their human-side, with a touch of humour.”

Adding a twist of romance and love, the other series is titled ‘Once A Year’. Directed by Mandar Kurundar, this 6 episodic series stars Mrinmayee Goldbole & Nipun Dharmadhikarithat follows the romantic journey of a couple over a course of six years. Starting from their days in college to beyond, this rom com captures the true essence of friendship, love and togetherness.

Elaborating on the same, Director Mandar Kurundkar said, “Not every love story begins with love at first sight and proclamations of undying love. This series highlights how relationship of a couple evolves over the course of six years with their personal journeys. It was an absolute delight to be working with Mrinmayee and Nipun who bring so much to the table with their nuanced performances.”

Actor Nipun Dharmadhikari added saying, “I believe that with love, comes a lot of uncertainty and this series takes the audiences through six years of a couple’s life and the uncertain moments they go through be it when they meet, their interests, their commonalities, their friendship and even disagreements. I believe anyone who has been in a relationship will definitely relate to this journey.”

This weekend, the two new shows will surely leave you with a smile.Don’t forget to binge watch MX Player, starting 20th September for FREE!



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