Movie Review: “Article 370” – A Must-Watch Political Thriller

Article 370 Movie :

Article 370” is a compelling cinematic experience that holds significance for every Indian. The narrative centers around the abrogation of Article 370, offering insights into its historical context, significance, and the rationale behind its long-standing existence before delving into the decisive actions taken to revoke its special status.

Narrated through the perspectives of two fictitious characters, the film provides a gripping portrayal of the journey towards eliminating Jammu and Kashmir’s special privileges. Zooni Haksar, brilliantly portrayed by Yami Gautam Dhar, finds herself entangled in controversy after eliminating militant Burhan Wani in Kashmir. Transferred to Delhi and relegated to mundane tasks, she contemplates leaving the forces. However, her path intersects with Rajeshwari Swaminathan, a sharp-witted bureaucrat from the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) portrayed by Priyamani.

Together, Zooni and Rajeshwari embark on a mission under the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) to strategize the pivotal decision on Article 370. With unwavering support from the Prime Minister (Arun Govil) and the Home Minister (Kiran Karmarkar), the duo navigates through challenges and obstacles with determination.

“Article 370” transcends conventional political dramas, presenting a narrative that combines history, government studies, and law within the framework of an exhilarating heist story. Aditya Suhas Jambhale’s screenplay intricately unfolds the Union Government’s endeavor to abolish Jammu and Kashmir’s special status through secret plans, clever maneuvers, and strategic distractions.

Zooni and Rajeshwari emerge as astute protagonists, displaying intellect and resourcefulness beyond the ordinary. While Zooni confronts terrorists with finesse, Rajeshwari finds innovative ways to navigate parliamentary hurdles, defying conventional legal norms.

Backed by stellar performances and a compelling storyline, “Article 370” stands as a testament to collaborative efforts in reshaping history. It offers audiences a captivating glimpse into the inner workings of political corridors and the triumph of democratic processes.

In essence, “Article 370” transcends its genre to become a cinematic tour de force, resonating deeply with the socio-political fabric of contemporary India. A must-watch for aficionados of political thrillers and enthusiasts of captivating storytelling alike.

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