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Laal Batti Marathi Movie Review

Laal Batti Marathi Movie Review
Laal Batti Marathi Movie Review
  • Movie – Laal Batti
  • Director – Girish Mohite
  • Star cast – Abhay Dakhane, Mangesh Desai, Suresh Chaudhary, Bhargavi Chirmuley, Mangesh Desai, Shailesh
  • Dhanawde and Anil Gavas
  • Genre -Drama
  • Producer – Santosh Sonawdekar
  • Cinematography -Krishna Soren
  • Ratings -1.5


The film deals with a story of a young cop called Ganesh who is often on his phone and he has a picture of Makka at his home. He remains away from all other social activities as seen by his friends. This leads him under deep scrutiny from his seniors who then finds out a completely different story this man and his behavior. So, what was that, you can easily explore it close to your place.


The film went ahead with two narratives, one end we have a young cop who is in search of his mother and raised by a Muslim family in a secular set up, and on the other side, we find a parallel narrative that deals in offering a psychological support to the cops due to the nature of their tough work. The film, therefore, explores the life that the modern-day cops have to lead working under inhuman conditions and raises important question whether these people are human or superhumans who are ready to serve the nation all the time. Although the plot seems interesting but somewhere down the line, it carves the web like any typical episode of the popular TV show Crime Patrol.

There are many hits and misses with the former less and the latter more. The week implementation of the film, the flaws in direction and filmmaking along with many more similar defects found in screenplay, editing, photography and technical stuff of the film has altogether hampered the film in a big way. Talking about the performances, they also seemed half-baked and naive ones. A few have done a decent job but rest of the star cast seemed going overboard and thus made things bad to worse.

Laal Batti – The Last word

It could have been a decent watch for this weekend for the M Town audience, however, with too many flaws brought at one place, we ended up getting a poor and average film. If you still are planning to catch the movie, you should do only your own risk.

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