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Kerebete Movie

Kerebete Movie :

Cast : Gowrishankar Shankarahalli, Bindhu Shivram, Gopal Deshpande, Harini Shreekanth, Sampath Maitreya
Director : Rajguru Bheemappa
Cinematographer : Keerthan Poojary
Producer : Jaishankar Patel
Musician: Gagan Baderia
Release Date : 15 March, 2024

“Kerebete” is an upcoming Kannada movie that promises to immerse audiences in the vibrant cultural tapestry of the Malnad region of Karnataka. Directed by Rajguru Bheemappa, this film brings to life the age-old tradition of the annual fishing event, known as “Kerebete,” where villagers gather at a lake to partake in the exhilarating hunt for fish. However, amidst the festivities and communal camaraderie, a poignant love story unfolds, challenging deep-seated prejudices and societal norms.

At the heart of “Kerebete” is the character of Hulimane Naga, portrayed by Gowrishankar Shankarahalli, a young man deeply entrenched in the traditions of his community. Bindhu Shivram and Gopal Deshpande also grace the screen with their performances, adding depth and authenticity to the narrative.

As the film unfolds, audiences are introduced to the colorful tapestry of village life, where the Kerebete festival serves as a focal point of celebration and unity. However, beneath the surface lies a simmering tension fueled by age-old prejudices and rigid societal expectations.

Against this backdrop, a forbidden love blossoms between Hulimane Naga and another character (if applicable). Their romance defies the boundaries of caste, class, and tradition, threatening to upend the fragile equilibrium of village life. As their relationship blossoms, they must navigate the challenges of societal disapproval and familial opposition, risking everything for the chance to be together.

Director Rajguru Bheemappa masterfully weaves together elements of romance, drama, and cultural commentary, inviting audiences on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. Through the lens of love, “Kerebete” explores themes of identity, acceptance, and the enduring power of human connection.

With its rich tapestry of emotions and captivating storyline, “Kerebete” promises to be a poignant and unforgettable cinematic experience. As the film hits screens on March 15, 2024, audiences can prepare to be swept away by the magic of love amidst the backdrop of tradition and community.

Kerebete Movie Trailer :

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