Kangana Ranaut Applauds John Abraham for his Respectful Conduct Towards Women

Taking to her Instagram handle, Bollywood luminary Kangana Ranaut showered accolades upon John Abraham, characterizing him as a person of exceptional integrity and kindness. In a heartfelt note, Kangana conveyed her admiration for John, citing his outstanding qualities and his divergence from the prevalent industry norms.

Acknowledging her candid remarks about certain individuals within the film fraternity, Kangana emphasized the significance of recognizing those who stand as genuine and inspiring figures. Reflecting on her collaboration with John, she struggled to encapsulate the extent of his magnanimity and brilliance, acknowledging that his understated yet remarkable actions often go unnoticed due to his lack of engagement in media-driven self-promotion.

Kangana Ranaut Applauds John Abraham
Kangana Ranaut Applauds John Abraham


In her words, “He is kind and sorted, no marriage or relationship PR, no paid negativity for others, no harassment or taking advantage of women, no agenda or groupism, simply a wonderful man… love you John.”

Kangana Ranaut Applauds John Abraham
Kangana Ranaut Applauds John Abraham

Kangana went on to share a revealing insight from an encounter with a household service provider who operates within the industry. According to this agent, a majority of people in the film domain mistreat their house staff and drivers. In a sea of this prevailing disregard, two individuals stood apart in their considerate treatment of their support staff – John and Kangana.

In conclusion, Kangana expressed profound admiration for John’s journey from being a successful supermodel, actor, and producer to being a genuinely successful individual in all aspects of life.

The two actors, Kangana and John, had previously collaborated in the 2013 film “Shootout at Wadala,” where John portrayed the character of the gangster Manya Surve, and Kangana portrayed his girlfriend.

In the upcoming ventures, Kangana is set to grace the silver screen in “Emergency” and “Chandramukhi 2,” keeping her fans eagerly awaiting her dynamic performances.

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