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Jui Bendkhale is an emerging actress known for her role in the 2019 film “Bakaal.” Her journey into the world of acting began at a very young age when she would stand in front of the television, copying the dance moves and acting of various characters she saw on screen. This early fascination with performance and her dream of becoming a heroine one day laid the foundation for her future career in the entertainment industry.

Jui’s debut in the film industry came through “Bakaal,” a movie directed by Sameer Athelie. While it was her first venture into cinema, Jui had already been familiar to audiences due to her passion for dance. She had showcased her dancing prowess on various dance reality shows, making a name for herself as a talented performer. Additionally, her participation in beauty competitions had further increased her recognition and popularity.

A little girl was standing in front of the TV and copying dance and acting of various characters in TV. From her childhood, ‘I want to be a heroine.’ She appeared in the first action of ‘Bakal’, directed by Sameer Athelie, a recently released actress. From an early age, we have her dance and dance dance from various dance reality shows. Also, this face has become known to many through various beauty competitions. Although ‘Bakal’ is her first film, the audience is very appreciative of her acting by seeing her voice and confidence on the screen. Actress ‘Jui Bendkhale’, who made his cinematography debut on the occasion of ‘Bakal’, has chatted with ‘Planet Marathi Magazine’.

Jui Bendkhale
Jui Bendkhale

Normally three-and-a-half years old. Realizing my habit of dancing TV, my parents put me in the dance class. I got the consistency of the consistency in my interest and I had the opportunity to participate in the popular dance show ‘Bugi-Wugi’ on TV when I was six years old. I was among the final contestants of this show. After that, I participated eight times in the show’s various scenes. He was also a contestant at the ‘one -one – Season 2’ ‘small champion’ special dance reality show. The competition was also a runner. He then gradually started working as modeling, photoshoot for various brands. Going forward, he earned the honor of being the runner-up of the ‘Maharashtra Times- Shravanquin-1’, which is considered to be the honor of ‘Miss Navi Mumbai’ and the world of beauty. After that, my attempt to give auditions in many places begins. But there were various problems. Finally, Sameer Athle, directed by ‘Bakal’, had the opportunity to serve as the lead actress in the first action film.

There was a phone call for Bakal’s audition after Shravanquin. It is a pleasure to have selected as the lead actress from two hundred girls. Initially, after the dialogue of two different methods, the director gave me a separate dialog. After that, ‘I’m a dancer. I want to dance you. ‘ They told them that they loved my confidence. Audition was done and a month later I got a call. On this phone that came to ask, ‘Do you get driving?’, I really had falsely confidently but with great confidence but ‘yes, come’ (because of the driving.) Then I was called to sign the film.
Observation came to work…

Marathi films said that it is very important to come to Marathi. But since I was constantly coming to the English language, my Marathi was not very good. So after getting the movie, I worked on Marathi. While traveling by train, I learned from my observation while traveling on the train. Learning new and their nature, behavior was already tipping from each person you see. It was used for the role of ‘Baka’.

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