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Chitrafit 3.0 Megapixel Marathi Movie Review

Chitrafit 3.0 Megapixel

Sex sells like hot cakes in our times. And so we have another film with sleazy skin show in the form of Chitrafit 3.0 megapixel. Although the film claims to be carrying a social message for the young generation against pervert acts , you find that the message is blurred under the sleazy sex scenes.

The story incorporates all the masala that makes a sex film and then it claims to be a message against such sexual perversion. The story of the film revolves around sex tapes and scandals and victimizing innocent sex for such acts. The script has tried to create much sensation in the name of sex and skin show. There is nothing in the script that can be termed as a sensible story. Infact , the number of times MMs clips are shown, you might wonder whether it is a compilation of such clips itself.

 The story begins with a young girl and boy lost on a trekking route. It is their first meeting but interestingly the girl gives the boy colors and sketching pens as gifts. With no sanity underlying this meeting, the story proceeds and the girl discovers that the boy has made her video in objectionable circumstances. There on begins a series of cases of the similar nature and the web of sexual crimes is explored. As the film tracks down such cases, the audience realize that there are quite a few MMS shown in the film itself. Chitrafit 3.0 Megapixel which is only one and half hours long neither gives you any social message nor leaves you with a good story. All it offers is glimpses of sex crimes and perversion in the age of technology.

Wrapped under the cover of social message a film like this is total waste. It is indeed bold of the film maker to bring up something as sleazy as this in the name of social message. The cast of the film totally disappoints and barely give a convincing performance. The music and editing of the Chitrafit is better left unspoken.

   The only nice thing about the film is its short length. The ridiculous drama ends in one and half hours and leaves you eager to get out of the theatre. You can miss it in all conditions.

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