Author Ronnessa Brown

Author Ronnessa Brown
Author Ronnessa Brown
Name: Ronnessa Brown
DOB: 22nd Jan 1984
Birthplace: Washington D.C
Profession: Author
Ronnessa Brown is a known author and entrepreneur born and raised in Washington D.C. She defied odds as a struggling teen mom who worked multiple jobs to provide for her family. Her determination and commitment to being successful are how she overcame these obstacles and launched her entrepreneurial career. She is among the best selling authors in the U.S. aside from being the Founder of Girl CEO Inc. Girl CEO is a brand built for like-minded women entrepreneurs who are looking to grow their businesses and fight to make their dreams come true.
Girl CEO focuses on women empowerment and educating women of all ages to become the CEO of their life and business. Her curriculum uses her personal experiences and business tactics to help aspiring entrepreneurs pursue their financial freedom. She has coached hundreds of women in her Inner Circle and Official courses as well as inspiring thousands to take charge of their future.
Ronne’s book From Mopping Floors To Making Millions on Instagram is an easy-to-follow guide with real-life case studies that Ronne has used to coach online marketers all over the world. The book also reveals the secrets behind her personal brand, which generated over $500k in revenue within its first year selling beauty and lifestyle products online.
She has leveraged social media to spread awareness of her brand and reached thousands all over the world. She has been utilizing social media as her mainstream of marketing since 2009. Over the past ten years, she has gained an immense amount of knowledge of what it takes to grow a successful business. She has been an inspiration to women of all walks of life, and despite her huge success, never forgets her roots and continually focuses on women in her own community.
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