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31 Divas Marathi Movie Review

31 Divas movie review


31 Divas Movie Review :

Director – Ashish Bhelkar
Star cast – Raju Kher, Asha Shelar, Heena Panchal, Vivek Lagoo, and Shashank Ketkar
Genre – Drama
Run time – 2 hours 15 minutes
Rating – 2.5
The film talks about a struggling writer who aspires to make a film on the story he has written. Slowly and steadily things work and he gets the chance to enter into the film industry while he is employed at a theatre group. However, when he is busy pursuing his dream of making a film, he meets an accident and thus follows his another struggle to get back on the floor to complete his film that has remained half way on the floor. He urges the makers to give him 31 days, 30 days for the preparation and 1 day for the film to come out. So, will be get the success or not is interesting to know catching up the film in the nearby cinema.
Somewhere down the line, the script seems to be similar to the earlier movies found in both Hindi and Marathi cinemas, however, how it differs is the way 31 Divas was made. It has a kind of innovation, which one would like to see in modern day cinema making it different from the others. At least in M Town, one can find 31 Divas to be different than others in a big way. Although the film seemed predictable at many junctures, yet it has the kind of essence one would like to see in any film. The script had rooms for innovation and enhancement though but to expect everything from a M Town film would be rather unfair. Nevertheless, the makers have tried to make as interesting as  it could be but at the longer run thing should change in the way films are made in M Town.
Now talking about the performances, the actors in the lead role have done a good job particularly the man at the center, while others were also not that bad over the silver screen. As far as other things are concerned, we can talk about the other elements like music, screenplay and technical stuff working at par as per the required norms of average filmmaking giving an overall picture as average.
31 Divas The Last Word 
The film seemed okay if you talk about the overall picture but as far as catching up the film this weekend if you happen to be the fan of the actors in M Town then it becomes a mandatory one or else can be missed without any regret. This is the reason why the ratings of the film has gone to average.

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