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1234 Goes on a Promotion Spree In A Unique Way

1234 marathi movie

Once the post production task of any film completes, next comes is its promotion. Every director of M Town thinks of an interesting and unique goes in the media to promote his or her film and filmmaker Milind Kavde who is the director of the Marathi film called 1234 is not an exception. He is seen using the social networking sites only to promote his film seeking the attention of the Marathi audience for his upcoming movie 1234. The film is based on four strange moments occurring at four different places.

The film has young artists including Bhushan Pradhan and Priya Marathe and one can make out from the promos of the film along with the songs released in the media. The film was shot in Hyderabad when the mercury was soaring high to 43 degrees. The film has several applauds from different film festivals including Nasik International Film Festival. However, with the official trailer release of the movie, it was dawned how many more actors have been roped in for the film.

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