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Boyz 2 Marathi Movie: धैर्या, ढुंग्या आणि कबीर ‘बॉईज २’ मध्येदेखील करणार दंगा

गावाकडची धैर्या, ढुंग्या आणि शहरातला साधा सरळ कबीर यांची धम्मालगिरी आगामी ‘बॉईज २’ मध्येदेखील दिसून येणार आहे. इरॉस इंटरनेशनल आणि एवरेस्ट इंटरटेंटमेन्ट प्रस्तुत,  अवधूत गुप्ते यांच्या सहयोगाने सुप्रीम मोशन पिक्चर्स प्रोडक्शनअंतर्गत प्रदर्शित होत असलेल्या या सिनेमाचा नुकताच सोशल नेट्वर्किंग साईटवर पोस्टर लाँँच करण्यात आला. ‘हाईट छोटी आहे, पण फाईट मोठी आहे’ असे टॅॅगलाईन असलेल्या …

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Ketaki Mategaonkar turns Music Director

Ketaki Mategaonkar

The M Town is not short of music directors and composers and the list keeps on growing with every passing day. The latest to join the bandwagon is none other than the Time Pass actress Ketaki Mategaonkar. This is regarded as the top news in M Town as the celebrity …

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Sameer Patil embarks with his next film Yuntum


Sameer Asha Patil is a known filmmaker in M Town. He has given movies like Chaurya, while as per the current buzz, he has announced his new Marathi movie called Yuntum this Ganesh Chaturthi. For this, he has invited applications from the aspiring actors and actresses for auditions, which is …

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Catch the first look poster of Marathi movie A Dot Com Mom


Another English title there from a Marathi movie maker when we see these days the M Town movies following this strange trend. Well, another Marathi movie called A Dot Com Mom is seen making headlines as it gears up for its release in the media. The makers of the movie …

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Catch the thrilling Trailer of Marathi film Chaurya

chaurya official trailer released

The songs and teasers of the Marathi film Chaurya have been already in air creating a decent buzz in the media. Now the makers of the film have released the trailer, which unfolds some of the most incredible chasing drama. The film’s director Sameer A Patil has simply brought forth …

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5 reasons why you shouldn’t miss watching Marathi Movie Sairat

Sairat-5 reasons to catch the film

After making the national award winning film Fandry, the Marathi movie director Nagraj Manjule is back with another Bang. Yes, we are talking about his latest film Sairat, which is a love story with a difference. The film that is set at the backdrop of rural Maharashtra wherein lover is …

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Marathi film ‘Disco Sannya’ ready to release next month

disco-sannya-marathi-movies to release in June

The upcoming Marathi movie called ‘Disco Sannya’, which is produced under the banner of Vakav Films, is all set to hit the screens. And as per the sources, the film is set to hit the theatres in June 2016. The film is Disco Sanya is the debut venture of Vakav …

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स्नेहा झाली ‘रॅगिंग’ची शिकार!

Laal ishq

‘लाल इश्क – गुपित आहे साक्षीला’ चित्रपटाची हवा आता सर्व ठिकाणी चांगलीच झाली आहे. प्रत्येकाच्या तोंडी आता या चित्रपटाचीच चर्चा आहे. स्वप्नील जोशी, अंजना सुखानी, जयवंत वाडकर, पियुष रानडे, यशश्री मसुरकर, प्रिया बेर्डे, मिलिंद गवळी, उदय नेने, कमलेश सावंत, समिधा गुरु, फार्झील पेर्डीलवाला या तगड्या स्टारकास्टसोबतच या चित्रपटातून एक ग्लॅमरस नवा चेहरा मराठी चित्रपटसृष्टीला मिळणार आहे. …

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Catch Digital Motion Poster of Marathi Movie Laal Ishq

laal ishq motion poster

The debut Marathi film venture called Laal Ishq of veteran filmmaker from B Town – Sanjay Leela Bhansali is all set to hit the theatres. Hence one can call the film to be in a promotion mode. The film has Swapnil Joshi and Anjana Sukhani in the lead roles as …

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Girish Mohite’s Upcoming Marathi movie ‘Ati Lagu’ discusses ‘live-in’ relationships

Girish Mohite’s Upcoming Marathi movie ‘Ati Lagu’ discusses ‘live-in’ relationships

The M Town films are not short of movies with rich content and the upcoming film of filmmaker  relis no exception, which will debate about the idea of live-in relationships in towns like Pune and Mumbai. The film is titled as Ati Lagu meaning conditions apply, which is a film …

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