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Takatak 2 Marathi Movie Box Office Collection

takatak 2 review

The Takatak 2 Marathi box office has been booming lately. The movie has grossed over Rs 1 crore in just two days of its release, making it one of the highest-grossing Marathi movies of all time. Takatak 2 is a sequel to the original Takatak, which was released in 2016. …

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Takatak 1st Weekend Box Office Collection

Takatak box office

For the M Town, it was a busy Friday as we had two films releasing the same day. This certainly included Takatak the comedy-drama movie. The Milind Kawde film which is often known to be based on adult comedy had an okay star cast, which seemed to have a low …

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Boyz 2 Total Box Office Collection

Boyz 2

  The M Town film Boyz 2 seems to have embarked over the box office with a bit of storm gaining a decent collection when it came on it in the first weekend. However, the gleam of the film started fading down as we saw the movie doing a little …

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Shubh Lagna Savadhan 1st day box office Collection

Shubh Lagna Savadhan

The film Shubh Lagna Savadhan remained as alien in the media with a very less or zero buzz in the social media and other circles. Despite embarking upon the trailer and the posters, the makers failed to promote the way the films are promoted in the media. This has kept …

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Lathe Joshi 1st Day Box Office Collection


The M Town unlike the previous week is back with another film and this time it had embarked upon with Lathe Joshi. The titled seemed unique and interesting and so was the story and performances seen in the Marathi movie. Also, the film had positive reviews by most of the …

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First day Box Office collection of Youngraad and Gotya

Youngraad and Gotya

The M Town as we know is not short of movies and this Friday, it hit two films, one was  Youngraad by a national award winner filmmaker and the other was Gotya. Both the films were seen struggling over the box office. All thanks to the low promotion and meager …

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Lagi Toh Chagi 1st Weekend Box Office Collection

Lagi Toh Chagi

Of late, the M Town has become regular in embarking upon a couple of movies and hence every other Friday we have one film or the other to release in the media. This week, we have two movies that released including Lagi Toh Chagiand the other includes Party. Well, we will talk …

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Shikari Marathi Movie 1st weekend box office collection

Shikari Marathi Movie

The M Town has one movie to release last Friday and as per the reports, the audiences were seen catching up the film from different parts of the world. The people are seen coming out to watch this film thus creating a good word of mouth buzz in the media. …

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Kaul – A calling weekend Box Office Collection


Kaul released this week amidst huge chaos of demonetization. The film, bearing a non commercial look, had a low profile promotion. As there was no star presence to bring the film in news, it relied solely on the unusualness of it’s subject that was backed by exemplary performance by mature …

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One Way Ticket , Mr. and Mrs Unwanted Box Office Collection

One Way Ticket and Mr and Mrs. Unwanted are competing at the cinema halls this week. One Way Ticket, a well promoted movie with an attractive star cast hogged the lime light this week. While Mr and Mrs Unwanted simply could not match the expectations of the audience. A reasonably …

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