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दोस्तीच्या धम्माल ‘पार्टी’चा टीझर लाँँच

PARTY movie poster

प्रत्येकांच्या आयुष्यात ‘मित्र’ हा असतोच! सुख-दुखांमध्ये निस्वार्थपणे सोबत देणारा हा यार आणि त्याच्या दुनियादारीची मज्जा काही औरच असते. हीच मज्जा सचिन दरेकर दिग्दर्शित आगामी ‘पार्टी’ सिनेमात पाहायला मिळणार आहे. मैत्रीचा हँँगओव्हर चढवणा-या या सिनेमाचा सोशल नेट्वर्किंग साईटवर नुकताच टीझर लाँँच करण्यात आला. ‘पार्टी’ च्या टीझरवर  सुव्रत जोशी, अक्षय टांकसाळे, स्तवन शिंदे, रोहित …

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Lathe 1st Weekend Box Office Collection

Lathe joshi

Unlike the previous week, once again the M Town was back with another and this time it was called as Lathe Joshi. The film managed to get a decent review from most of the critics that helped to garaner the buzz for the film in the media, however, it failed …

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Lathe Joshi 1st Day Box Office Collection


The M Town unlike the previous week is back with another film and this time it had embarked upon with Lathe Joshi. The titled seemed unique and interesting and so was the story and performances seen in the Marathi movie. Also, the film had positive reviews by most of the …

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रणबीरचा लूक पाहून संजयला स्वत:ला आरशात पाहिल्याचा भास झाला !

  संजू चित्रपट सध्या हाऊसफूल होतोय. दोन आठवड्यांनंतरही गर्दी खेचणा-या ह्या सिनेमातले रणबीर कपूरचे 8 लूक्स सध्या गाजतायत. संजूचे हे आठ लूक्स डिझाइन करणारे शिल्पकार आहेत, सुरेंद्र साळवी – जितेंद्र साळवी हे दोघे भाऊ. संजू चित्रपटात रणबीरसोबतच परेश रावल, सोनम कपूर, अनुष्का शर्मा ह्यांचा लूक खूलवण्यामागे सूध्दा सुरेंद्र-जितेंद्र ह्या भावांचा सिंहाचा वाटा …

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Lathe Joshi Marathi Movie Review


Lathe Joshi Review Director – Mangesh Joshi Star cast – Chittaranjan Giri, Ashwini Giri, Om Bhutkar Genre – Drama Ratings – 23.5 Plot  After working for around 35 years being a lathe machine expert, he is laid off away from the factor with the courtesy automation. Though his wife who …

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First day Box Office collection of Youngraad and Gotya

Youngraad and Gotya

The M Town as we know is not short of movies and this Friday, it hit two films, one was  Youngraad by a national award winner filmmaker and the other was Gotya. Both the films were seen struggling over the box office. All thanks to the low promotion and meager …

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Jhing Premachi Marathi Movie Review

Jhing Premachi Marathi

  Movie – Jhing Premachi Director: Shahid Khan Star cast – Sandesh Gaur, Sheetal Tiwari , Ranjeet Jog , SmitaPawar , Mohaq Kansara , Mrulalini Jabmhle Writer: Shahid Khan Genres: Love Story Producer:  Vijay Kumar Sapkal ScreenPlay: Shahid Khan Cinematographer (DOP): Jay Nandan Kumar Rating – 1.5 Plot  The story …

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Bucket List gets a good run on Box Office

Bucket List Movie

  On Makar Sankranti Madhuri Dixit gave the movie goers sweetest surprise of her debuting in Marathi industry with ‘Bucket List’ directed by Tejas Prabha Vijay Deoskar. The film revolves around a woman finding her way back to life and discovering the new meaning of it. Madhura Sane character played …

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Maska 1st Day Box Office Collection

Maska marathi movie

  The M Town released movie Maska this Friday had a decent business on its first day. People in the different parts of the state were seen coming to catch the film in a decent number making it to be their desirable movie. The film had good reviews by most of the …

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Farzand 1st Day Box Office Collection

Historical Farzand Marathi Film

The M Town had just one movie to release, which came in the form of Farzand. The film is a historical drama movie based on the victory of Mavalas when they had successfully captured Fort Panhala which was led by the great Maratha warrior Kondaji Farzand. The film with its …

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