Sugar Beverage consumption associated with increased death risk

A recent study led by the researchers at Harvard University compounded that drinking around 1to 4 sugar-packed drinks every month has been linked with 1 percent increase in the death risk. On the other hand, 2 to 6 drinks every week has been linked with an increased death risk by 6 percent.

During the study, the researchers had analyzed data collected from 37,716 men and 80,647 women who had to answer some questionnaires related to health status and lifestyle factors every 2 years. The researchers located that non-carbonated soft drinks, carbonated, fruit drinks, energy drinks, & sports drinks have been dubbed as the major source of additional sugar in the daily diet opted by the U.S.-based population.

The more SSBs or Sugar-Sweetened Beverages included in one’s diet, the higher the risk of death. This risk was highly prominent among the women as compared to the men. The findings of this study were published in a journal named Circulation.

Vasanti Malik, the lead author of the study stated that the findings provide the much needed support that point towards limiting the consumption of SSBs for improvement of overall health. Also, both among the women and men, there was an increased risk of early death from cancer.

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