Strength Training May Reduce Fatty Liver Disease, finds study

Besides being particularly beneficial to the heart, investing some time in strength training will also reduce any accumulation of liver fat while improving the regulation for blood glucose. The study was conducted over mice.

This study, organized by the team from University of Campinas located in Brazil, revealed that strength training will actually reduce the fat stored inside liver & improves the control over blood glucose in the obese mice. This was possible even without any overall loss in body weight.

The Varsity based Pereira de Moura stated that these particular improvements in the body metabolism have occurred over short period of time even with overall body fat amount being unchanged. This suggests that strength training induces positive effects over the health & directly affects the function of your liver & body metabolism.

She also mentioned that it might be very effective method that doesn’t involve any drug and is low-cost option for health improvement. During this research that was published over the Journal of Endocrinology the researchers investigated the effect of strength0based exercises on the accumulation of liver fat, inflammation markers, and regulation of blood glucose in the obese mice. After short-term training sessions, the mice showed less accumulation of fatty livers and reduced level of infloammatory markers.

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