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New study states Venus isn’t the closest to Earth, its Mercury

New study states Venus isn’t the closest to Earth, its Mercury

With the planets aligned as Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, and so on, you just might think that Venus is our closest neighbour. However, scientists have managed to decode things and came up with some shocking revelations with regards to the closest planet to Earth. It’s not Venus, but Mercury which is closest to our Earth.

Presenting the outcomes in the magazine named Physics Today, the NASA scientists along with the U.S. Army, and Los Alamos National Lab have proposed a whole new model for the planets’ orbit. The model estimated that Mercury is the closest neighbour of Earth. Not just that, it predicted that Mercury is the closest neighbour for all other planets as well.

Normally, the average distance of Earth to Sun is 1AU (Astronomical Unit). However, the same for Venus is 0.72 EU. This means, the average distance between Earth and Venus is about 0.28 AU. But this value was contradicted by the scientists stating that this might not be the accurate method for calculation. Given the fact that Earth spends a similar fraction of time on the opposite side of the orbit, the distance becomes 1.72 AU. When calculated using the new method, Mercury was mostly close to Earth and also to other planets. These findings were corroborated with a mapping of 24 hour cycle for a time period of 10,000 years.

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