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Marathi Tiger Movie Review

Marathi Tiger Movie Review

This Friday, a couple of Marathi films have released, which include Marathi Tigers. The film is directed by Avadhoot Kadam, while produced by Navid Hangad and Abhijit Tashildar under the banner of F.D. Production. The film has Dr.Amol Kolhe, Ashish Vidyarthi, Vikram Gokhale and Vidyadhar Joshi in the lead roles along with Mahesh Dada, Teja Deokar, Kiran Sharad, Vikas Patil and Ashwini Ekbote in the supporting role. The music is composed by Swapnil Digade, while the cinematography is carried out by Yogesh Koli. The film deals with the tussle that is evident in the border areas between Maharashtra and Karnataka.  Now, let’s dig in deep into the matter to get the crux of the same.

The plot

We all know the kind of dispute found in between Maharashtra and Karanataka for around six decades over the inclusion of several places like Nipani, Belgaum and Hillur in Maharashtra. On this backdrop, this film is released with loads of events that are created before its release. The film starts with a tense environment over the display of board at the place called Hillur, which is located at the border of these two states. A youth leader called Shiva Patil played by Dr. Amol Kolhe from the party called Jagruti Samiti is a known for his aggressive nature when it comes to handing this dispute. He demands to liberate this place from the clutches of Karnataka and merge the same into Maharashtra. However, at the other side Lingappa played by Ashish Vidyarthi opposes this man and is seen playing political game.  Amidst the backdrop of this issue, love blossoms among a couple hailing from different sides. Seema played by Kiran Sharad the daughter of Kannada Camp and Shiva is from the other side. Amidst all, the dirty games are being constantly played by the opposition leader Rajappa. So, what happens at the end is interesting to catch in the film.

Script analysis

Making movies on such issues is not an easy nut to crack. Though the director has tried his best to portray the issue at the backdrop along with carrying out the love story in it, however, he has failed to portray the issue the right way. The film was promoted with lots of promises ironically the outcome of the movie simply brings in sheer disappointment. The director has simply mixed up the border issue with a love story which has failed miserably. This has done a number of dents in the film hampering the overall entertainment value of the movie.

Movie Review

Amidst the mess, you would certainly like the picturesque locations. Marathi Tiger scores on account over scenic locations of the south very well captured the best by the camera.  Talking about the performances, both Vidyadhar Joshi and Ashwini Ekbote playing the love birds have portrayed their talents very much skillfully. However, one man who has overshadowed everyone is Dr. Amol Kolhe in his role of the leader Shiva who is keen to free the place from the clutches of Karnataka. Ashish Vidyarthi though has not done too many Marathi movies, yet managed to portray the best over the silver screen. The movie fails to give the exact flavor in many ways to the audience, which also include the songs and dance sequences found in it.

Last Word – Marathi Tigers

The Marathi Film Tiger Review seemed to have failed in many ways, right from having several dents over the script to a number of other fronts, yet appears out to be a decent entertainer provided you ignore flaws at the backdrop. The film has decent performances, good locations, nice photography though with issues like screenplay, technical things and script, yet can be pardoned for the sake of having a film being made on such an issue, which has loads of complications.

Rating – 2.5

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