Low adherence to statin raises heart disease risks

While the statins prevent any death risk from heart disease, the latest study dictates that only 6 percent of patients stick to the regular schedule for consumption of medication. Now, this irregular scheduling tends to increase any risk from major cardiovascular issue.

As stated by the findings from the study, patients who consumed statins while sticking to the prescribed format 80 percent of time showed a reduced risk from dying or heart attack/stroke by 50 percent. However, there might be multiple reasons for this non-adherence which includes bias against the statins, worries about the side-effects, and concern from too-much medication.

Clinical trials also showed that statins reduce any risk from secondary outcomes, plus, it is mandatory that the patients consume these medications to ensure help evade issues such as cardiovascular ailments, stated Heidi May, the Postdoctoral Student from Intermountain Healthcare Heart Institute in the U.S.

The findings of this study were presented by the team at American College of Cardiology Scientific Sessions located in New Orleans. From this study, the team compounded that a mere 351 from 5468 patients actually took statins on a regular basis.

It is important for the caregivers to make sure that the patients after being discharge stick to their prescribed schedule for statins.

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