Eggs might lead to cardiovascular issues, confirms latest study

If you are an avid egg lover, you might not like this news at all. A recent research conducted by scientists stated that egg yolk houses some of the highest level for cholesterol. This ultimately increases chances of early death or heart disease.

Egg yolk is actually among the richest origin for dietary cholesterol. A large-sized egg houses 186 milligrams dietary cholesterol inside its yolk. The team of researchers pooled a chunk of data from 29,615 people in the U.S. with ethnical and racial diversity to understand the fact it consumption of this dietary cholesterol in the eggs was directly linked to diseases related to heart and even death at a certain point of time.

The study has been published in a journal named JAMA. As per the research, reduction in the cholesterol intake results in dropped risk from heart diseases. The evidence that links eggs with heart issues has always been debatable. Studies conducted previously stated that eggs do not initiate any risk from cardiovascular diseases. However, these studies actually had minimal sample diversification with shorter time limit.

The overall data for this study was actually collected with use of questionnaires for food frequency and the diet history.

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