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Smita’s balancing act… work or family???

3 copy

The bitter reality is that almost every homemaker’s life is tied up to the clock. All her life she tries hard to maintain a healthy work-life balance. And even our female celebrities fall under the same category. ‘Pappi de parula’ fame Smita Gondkar is no exception to this. And, the …

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Catch Jaundya Na Balasaheb teaser


There comes another M Town, which seems to be making its own buzz in the media especially among the Marathi audience. The film called Jaundya Na Balasaheb, which follows after the stunning victory of the film called Dolbywalya wherein the makers of the movie have now embarked with its teaser. …

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Catch the first look poster of Marathi movie A Dot Com Mom


Another English title there from a Marathi movie maker when we see these days the M Town movies following this strange trend. Well, another Marathi movie called A Dot Com Mom is seen making headlines as it gears up for its release in the media. The makers of the movie …

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Photocopy trailer promises entertainment for youth with love & romance

Photocopy marathi movie

The upcoming Marathi movie for youth and love genre called Photocopy has been awaited by one and all considering its love and romance nature of it. The film is basically a love story with  triangle element in it and recently its makers have embarked with its trailer in the media, …

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Subodh Bhave impresses Malayali audience in Pinneyum


Two weeks after the release of Pinneyum , which is a Malayalam movie starring lead actors Dileep and Kavya Madhavan , Subodh has impressed the Malayali audience. The film attracted attention all across the state of Kerala as it is directed by none other than Adoor Gopalakrishnan who has won …

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Filmmaker Rajesh Mapuskar to make his debut in Marathi movies with Ventilator


Rajesh Mapuskar is a popular name in B Town and is he is making headlines for opening his innings in M Town with the film of Priyanka Chopra venture called Ventilator. Her production company called Purple Pebble Pictures is doing its debut in Marathi cinema with its first M Town …

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Catch Ankush Chaudhari in a new avatar


Ankush Chaudhari is among the most stylish actor in M Town. He is tall and handsome apart from having the chic looks have simply made him a new style icon for the youth. Ankush is known to experiment with his own on-screen style too often. The recent addition is the …

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Priyanka Chopra launches Ganpati song from Ventilator on Twitter!

1440x1440-thumbnail-ventilator (1)

Priyanka Chopra’s production house Purple Pebble Pictures debut Marathi movie, Ventilator is currently into its post-production stage. Produced by Madhu Chopra and directed by Rajesh Mapuskar, the first song from the movie, ‘Ya Re Ya Saare Ya’ was officially launched by the global icon herself today (30th August) on her …

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Catch Song Krishna Janmala Song from Kanha

Kanha-Marathi-Movie song

As the Marathi movie Kanha is gearing up for its release, the makers have embarked with a brand new song called Janamala from the movie. The movie is directed by Avadhoot Gupte, while the music has been composed by Avadhoot Gupte itself and the singers who have laid down their …

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अंकुशचा अतरंगी लूक व्हायरल


प्रत्येक सिनेमातून आपले वेगळेपण जपणारा मराठीचा ‘स्टाईल आयकॉन’ अंकुश चौधरी लवकरच एका नव्या रूपात प्रेक्षकांसमोर येत आहे. आतापर्यंत त्याने केलेल्या सिनेमातील विविध व्यक्तिरेखांमध्ये फिट आणि फाईन बसलेला अंकुश त्याच्या आगामी ‘देवा’ या सिनेमातून झळकत असून, यात तो एका अतरंगी लूकमध्ये दिसेल. या चित्रपटातील अंकुशची एक हलकी झलक नुकतीच सोशल मीडियावर वायरल झाली आहे. प्रत्येकवेळी काहीतरी नवीन करण्याचा अट्टहास बाळगणाऱ्या अंकुशच्या या न्यू लुकला …

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