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Home Sweet Home 1st Day Box Office Collection

Home Sweet Home

The M Town had one film to release, which came in the form of Home Sweet Home. Once again, the M Town filmmakers have taken resort in English titles and this is not an exception. The film was released on this Friday over the silver screens and was able to …

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The Colors Marathi’s TV show ‘Assal Pahune Irsal Namune’ is all set to hit on 20th September


The Marathi TV industry gives reason to feel excited and super excited about different stories which include the saga of successful people. This simply inspire the audiences and others in many ways. These are famous people in which the films are based and talk about their failures and then success …

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Bogda Marathi Movie Cast And Crew

Bogda Movie

BOGDA CAST AND CREW Presenter – Nittin Keni Producer – Suresh Panmand, Nanda Panmand, Karan Konde, Direction/ Writing – Nisheeta Keni Director Of Photography  – Pradeep Vignavellu Editor – Parth Saurabh Music Director – Siddharth Mahadevan, Soumil Shringarpure Singer – Vishal Dadlani, Shashaa Tirupati (Banjara),  Siddharth Shankar Mahadevan (zumbad) Executive Producer – …

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Party Marathi Movie Cast & Crew

Party Marathi Movie

Producer :  Jitendra Chivlekar , Jamashp Bapuna , Amit Parekh Direction  :  Sachin Suresh Darekar Director Of Photography   : Raja Sataankar Editor : Faisal and Emraan Story, Screenplay And Dialogue : Sachin Darekar , Prashant Loke Music Director :  Amitraj Singer : Amitraj ,Avdhoot Gupte , Aadarsh Shinde, Nihira Joshi …

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“Year Down” presents agony and wits of “Terms and conditions apply”

Year Down Marathi TV Serial

Sometimes we are intrigued by the small print of “Terms and conditions apply”. However when the same appears in a real life situation, the drama that unfolds is truly interesting and motivating. Janamejaya is a young entrepreneur who has made an empire from his firld of passion, but against the …

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Truckbhar Swapna & Dostigiri 1st Day box office collection

The M town has two movies this week, which include Truckbhar Swapna and Dostigiri. Both the films belong to average rating and average budget, well, let’s check how these films have performed on their first day starting with the former. Well,  if you talk about Truckbhar Swapna, it got a …

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Ventilator Gujarati – Fast paced family drama between life and death…

Gujrati Ventilator first official poster

With the news of National Award Winner Marathi ‘Ventilator’ appearing as an adaptation in Gujarati spreading like wildfire, the Gujarati audience is eagerly waiting for the release. The poster for the film released earlier has not only caught the attention of Gujarati families but also got them engaged in family …

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अशोक सराफ पहिल्यांदाच दिसणार ‘लव्हगुरू’च्या भूमिकेत

  सत्तर, ऐंशी आणि नव्वदीच्या दशकात मराठी सिनेसृष्टीत अनेक सिनेमांतून रोमँटिक भूमिका केलेले ज्येष्ठ अभिनेते अशोक सराफ आपल्या आगामी ‘हृदयात समथिंग समथिंग’ सिनेमात लव्हगुरूच्या भूमिकेत दिसणार आहेत. ‘हृदयात समथिंग समथिंग’ चित्रपटातल्या अशोक सराफ ह्यांच्या भूमिकेचे नुकतेच पोस्टर लाँच झाले आहे. अशोक सराफ ह्यांच्या भूमिकेविषयी चित्रपटाचे निर्माते विनोदकुमार जैन म्हणतात, “अशोक सराफ ह्यांची ओळख कॉमेडीचा बादशाह …

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Viral ‘Bhavdya’ the M Town film all set to hit the theaters soon

  The M Town is active and energetic and has all the reasons to embark upon different films and the movie ‘Bhavdya’ is all set to the the screens soon this month of August! As the film announced, it was in the discussion in the social media for several reasons …

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Pipsi and Pushpak Viman first weekend box office collection

Pipsi And Pushpak Viman Movie

Like the B Town, it was the busy Friday as well for the M Town for having two movies releasing this passed Friday. The Marathi Cinema had two movies releasing this Friday and thus attracted the audience to some extent. The films releasing this Friday in M Town included Pipsi …

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