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Rajashree Landge Roped in ‘Tee Phulrani’

Rajashree Landge

Aditi Sarangdhar is a well-known name in M Town. She is being known for her films like Gadhvacha Langa and the recently hit film called Citizen. She was supposed to be chosen to play the lead role in the upcoming film called Tee Phulrani, which is a popular Marathi Play …

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Laal Ishq’s Gudi Padwa

Swapnil & Anjana

Marathi cinema known for its content has always inspired the Bollywood and other regional film makers to get associated with this industry. Extending this trend, award winning and much respected Film maker Sanjay Leela Bhansali is all ready to release his debut Marathi film ‘Laal Ishq – Gupit Aahe Saakshila…’on …

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‘लाल इश्क़’ चा पाडवा

swapnil and Anjana

मराठी सिनेमांतील आशयसमृद्ध विषय आणि बांधणीमुळे अनेक दिग्गजांना मराठी चित्रपटसृष्टीची भुरळ पडत आहे. दर्जेदार कथानकावर आधारित चित्रपटांचे प्रेक्षकांकडून स्वागत होत असल्यामुळे अनेक हिंदी निर्माते मराठी सिनेमात गुंतवणूक करू पाहत आहेत. बॉलीवूडमधील भव्य दिव्य चित्रपट करणारे दिग्दर्शक म्हणून प्रचलित असलेले दिग्दर्शक संजय लीला भन्साळी ही मराठी सिनेसृष्टीपासून दूर राहू शकले नाहीत. मराठी चित्रपटाची निर्मिती करण्यास इच्छुक असणा-या …

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Catch the Trailer of Suspense Trailer – 1234

1234 marathi movie trailer

The suspense thriller called 1234, which is directed by Milind Kavade is all set to release. After releasing the first look of the thriller, the film trailer is released at one of the popular studio in Mumbai in the presence of the entire cast of the film. The film has …

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Dhingana Marathi Movie Wraps up its Shoot


Dhingana the Marathi film starring Priyadarshan Jadhav and Prajakta Hanamghar is gearing up for its release. The film has wrapped up its shooting, which will soon start its post-production work along with its promotion. The film has been directed by Chandrakant Dudhgavkar, which is produced by Sameer Patil. The movie …

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Made In Maharashtra Music Launched

Made In Maharashtra Music Launched

Well, we often hear the popular brand called Made in India in the newspaper and other forms of media, however, of late, one can hear a new brand being promoted Made in Maharashtra. Don’t worry, this is very much different from the former. The former is a GOI initiative, while …

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Veteran Marathi movie actor – Janardan Parab is no more

The well-known character artist of Marathi and Hindi Cinema and Marathi theatre actor Janardan Parab passed away this morning. The sudden demise of the actor will certainly create a vacuum in Marathi cinema and theatre. He is survived by his son Sarvesh Parab and grand children. He has been active …

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Catch the Trailer of the upcoming Marathi Film ‘Aart’ by Rajendra Sali,

aart marathi movie trailer

Mukta Dabholkar is seen carrying forward the legacy of her father – fighting superstition in India. She was invited to launch the trailer of the Marathi Movie called Aarth. It is produced by Dilip Shah under the banner of Caste Panchayat System and is directed and written by Rajendra Sali. …

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‘वृंदावन’ च्या राकेशला मिळाली बॉलीवूडकडून शाबासकी


हिंदी मालिकांमध्ये आपली वेगळी ओळख निर्माण करणारा राकेश बापट सध्या खूप खुश आहे. जबरदस्त अॅक्शन, ड्रामा आणि एंटरटेनमेंटचा भरपूर मसाला असलेल्या वृंदावन सिनेमात राकेश मुख्य भूमिका साकारत आहे. राकेशची ही पहिलीच अॅक्शन फिल्म असून त्याने दिलेल्या फाईट सिक्वेन्सला हिंदी -सिनेसृष्टीच्या लाकारांकडून दाद मिळत आहे. या चित्रपटात राकेशने केलेल्या स्टंट ची …

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Who is producing multi-starrer Marathi film ‘One Way Ticket’?


The upcoming Marathi film – ‘One Way Ticket’ of Amol Shetge is constantly in the Marathi movie reports. Interestingly, this time, the film is being discussed for its producer. The lady – Kolam Ramakant Unawane who is producing this film is a software engineer but the passion for films and …

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