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Madhuri 1st Day Box Office Collection

Madhuri Marathi Movie

The M Town had one film to release, which came in the form of Madhuri. The film had a good story and content while it seemed to lag behind in other aspects that made the makers to get mixed rating for their films. The film despite having stars failed to …

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Mulshi Pattern 1st Weekend Box Office Collection

Mulshi Pattern

  The M Town has some decent amount of releases, which comes in the form of Mulsi Pattern. The film talks about the grim reality of the society which our Indian state is pitted with. The reviews have been good for the film and that have created a decent amount …

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Majhya baikocha priyakar first day box office

Majhya baikocha priyakar

  For the M Town audience, there was only one movie to release, which came in the form of Majhya Baykocha priyakar first day box office. The film was of drama and romance genre but considering the mixed reviews, the film failed to garner a decent word of mouth buzz …

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Naal and Ani Dr. Kashinath Ghanekar 1st Weekend Box Office Collection

naal and Ani Dr. Kashinath Ghanekar

  Naal and Ani Dr. Kashinath Ghanekar Box Office Two movies released last Friday in M Town, which include Naal and Ani Dr. Kashinath Ghanekar, let’s talk about the former. The film is a family drama, which had showcased some of the best performances of the lead actors over the …

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Shubh Lagna Savdhan and Home Sweet home first week box office collection

Shubh Lagna Savdhan and Home Sweet home

  The M Town had two films to release last week, which include Shubh Lagna Savadhan and Home Sweet Home. Well, let’s talk one by one and understand the way these films have performed over the box office in the past one week. Let’s start with the movie Shubh Lagna …

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First day collection of Party, Pari hoo mai and Bogda

Party, Pari hoo mai and Bogda

The M Town this Friday has given a busy day having three films releasing today giving nothing but too many options for the audience to catch. The films released happen to have different genre and are likely to give diverse options to catch this Friday and the coming first weekend. …

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Lathe 1st Weekend Box Office Collection

Lathe joshi

Unlike the previous week, once again the M Town was back with another and this time it was called as Lathe Joshi. The film managed to get a decent review from most of the critics that helped to garaner the buzz for the film in the media, however, it failed …

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Bhetali Tu Punha and Shentimental first day box office collection

The M Town seems to be embarking with several movies and this Friday we had two movies hitting the theatres. These include Bhetali Tu Punha and the other  is Shentimental. Now, let’s talk about the box office story of the two. The film Bhetali Tu Punha is a comedy romantic …

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Ti Sadhya Kay Karte Total Box Office collection Till Date

Ti Sadhya Kay Karte

Although the critics did not give very high ratings for Satish Rajwade directed Love Story, Ti Sadhya Kay Karte, it has been received  warmly by the audience. The film did have a strong and attractive star cast to boast of. The promotion tactics too seems to have worked the right …

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Zala Bobhata First Day Box Office Collection

Zala Bobhata

The M Town has two films released this Friday, which certainly include the rural comedy Zala Bobhata. The Anup Jagdale film had a bad time when it comes to promotion, which has failed to garner much of the word of mouth buzz in the media. The Vidarbha Pictures based movie …

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