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Raghuveer TV Serial :

Director : Nilesh Arun Kunjir

Genre – Biopic

Producer : Abhinav Pathak

Studio : Samarth Creation

Story, Screenplay and Dialogues : Abhiram Bhadkamkar

Cinematography (DOP) : Dhanraj Wagh and Prathmesh Rangole

Release Date : Coming soon

Synopsis: The M Town seems to be ceaseless this year as it is coming along with one film to the other. The film ‘Raghuveer’ happens to be a biopic which is called to be among the deserving movie and even in the current need of the current era. The film is written by Abhiram Bhadkamkar, while it is directed by Nilesh Kunjir. The M Town movie is produced by Abhinav Pathak under his own production company’s banner called ‘Samarth Creation’. The makers were seen releasing the first poster of film ‘Raghuveer’ which seemed to have garnered some amount of buzz in the social media!

The lyrics have been jotted by Manndar Cholkar, while the Music and Background Music is composed by Ajit Parab and the Sound Design is carried out by Manoj Mochemadkar whereas the Cinematography (DOP) is carried out by Dhanraj Wagh and Prathmesh Rangole. The film’s editor is Jageshwar Dhoble where as the art direction is carried out by Baban Adagale and the costume is carried out by Ankita Jathar and Make up is carried out by Nishad Tipnis. Now, talking about content of the film, it deals with young generation issues that will have its appeal for the youth. The makers have completed the shoot for the film but they have kept the star cast and their details under the wraps. Stay tuned to know more about this M Town film or the others only with us and yes if you have anything to comment, do let us know what do you feel about the same.

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