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The old memories will be back.. Itemgiri trailer released

Itemgiri Movie Poster

School days and college days are like the back pages of notebooks. Like saving a peacock feather in between the pages of books, similarly we have saved many memories in our hearts. Such magical were the good old days. The movie which reminds you of such good old days is …

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Marathi Movie “Gaon Thor Pudhari Chor” Official Trailer – Releasing on 17th Feb,2017

Gaon Thor Pudhari Chor

“Gaon Thor Pudhari Chor” (गाव थोर पुढारी चोर) Banner- Mangesh Movies Presents Director- Pitambar Kale   Producer –Mangesh Doiphode    Star Cast :- Digamber Naik,Chetyan Dalvi,Prema Kiran,Siya Patil,Prakash Dhotre,Jairaj Nayer,Anushmala Patil,Daatta Thoraat,Paraag Chaoudhary,Sunil Godbole. Music– Nandu Honap Singers :- Vaishali Samant,Rohit Rout,Neha Rajpal,Siddhant Bhosle. The Movie Releasing on 17th Feb,2017. …

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Ti Talwar song from Bhagtos ka Mujra Karr is full of patriotism

Ti Talwar song from Bhagtos ka Mujra Karr

Upcoming film, Bhagtos ka Mujra Karr, has scintillating Marathi song. “Ti Talwar”, in the voice of Adarsh Shende, is a lovely track with beaming music. The music is composed by Amit Raj and the lyrics is by Kshitij Patwardhan. On screen the song is enacted by Shreyash Talpade who dons …

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Teaser of film Shiv Chhatrapathi released

Shiv Chatrapati

Shiv Chhtrapathi is an upcoming film based on the Maratha dynasty in the state. This periodic film looks thrilling and gripping. The teaser show great action and bloodshed set in the period of Maratha dynasty. The film will be releasing in January 2017. The star cast of the film includes …

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Hryudayat Vaje Something song gives the chilly feeling of first love

Hryudayat Vaje Something

Abhinay Berde and Arya Ambekar make a sweet and beautiful couple in the upcoming movie Ti Sadhya Kay Karte. The song from the movie titled “Hryudayat Vaje Something” has been released on the web. The tingling music of the song and the sweet lyrics are endearing to the music lovers. …

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Tu Jithe Me Thithe Song: फ्रेश जोडीचे फ्रेश गाणे तू जिथे मी तिथे

Tu Jithe Me Thithe

प्रेम… म्हणजे प्रत्येकाच्या मनात एका व्यक्तीसाठी असलेली विशेष भावना. प्रेमाच्या या गुलाबी रंगात न्हाऊन निघालेले अनेक हृदय आपल्याला पाहायला मिळतील. तारुण्याने बहरलेल्या या हृदयात जेव्हा प्रेमाची पालवी उमलते तेव्हा आयुष्य खूप सुंदर होते, म्हणूनच आयुष्यात प्रेम गरजेचे असते, प्रेमाची हीच परिभाषा आगामी ‘फोटोकॉपी’ या सिनेमात प्रेक्षकांना पाहायला मिळणार आहे. नुकतेच या सिनेमाचे ‘तू जिथे मी तिथे’ हे प्रेमगीत सोशल साईटवर प्रदर्शित …

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Dolbywala Song Teaser Released Just Before Ganeshotsav

Dolbywalya Teaser

Ajay Atul come with with one more Marathi party song “Dolbywala” song is from “Jaundya Na Balasaheb” upcoming marathi movie. Team is expecting the song must get play on the upcoming Ganeshotsav festival. Jaundya Na Balasaheb is Girish Kulkarni’s First Marathi film as a director and first production for Ajay – …

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Catch the YZ trailer of upcoming Marathi movie – YZ

YZ Marathi Movie Trailer

The moment the Marathi movie YZ was announced, it attracted a number of people in intrigue and puzzle for its unique and interesting title. The makers then released a couple of posters, which justified the subject and title of the song. Also, the teaser released about the movie had the …

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Lalbaugchi Rani Official Movie Trailer Feat Veena Jamkar | Prathamesh Parab | Laxman Utekar

lalbagchi rani

Catch the official trailer of Lalbaugchi Rani. Directed by Laxman Utekar, starring Veena Jamkar, Prathamesh Parab, Aashok Shinde, Neha Joshi, Nandita Dhuri, ParthBhalerao, ‎PratimaJoshi, Reshma Shinde Chaugule, Subrat Dutta.

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Catch the Official Teaser of Marathi movie – One Way Ticket

One way ticket teaser released

The upcoming Marathi film of Amol Shetge has finally its teaser released in the media. The film has been making headlines for a number of reasons, right from its overseas location shooting to having international cruise being used in it. The film has exotic locations of European countries like France, …

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